Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

In the future, an oppressive government maintains control of public opinion by outlawing literature and maintaining a group of enforcers known as "firemen" to perform the necessary book burnings. Fireman Montag begins to question the morality of his vocation. Curious about the world of books, he soon falls in love with a beautiful young member of a pro-literature underground - and with literature itself.

The film tells a story about a fireman who is in charge of burning the book to prevent everybody from reading forbidden information. Suddenly, He confronts a teacher daring to read. He seems to be stuck in relationship between two women, between safety and freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fahrenheit 451 torrent reviews

Derreck J (mx) wrote: Honestly, this wasn't the best movie because Bokeem Woodbine can't act himself out of a paper bag. But it made me wanna sell guns. I didn't though.

Ed M (mx) wrote: Very very bad. Even the main cheerleader wasn't very hot. All acting is bad. Plot is bad. Gets weird. Awful.

Paul D (ca) wrote: In many ways this feels like a long television episode given it's the middle film in the series, and if you've invested time in the first part you're going to watch this anyway however invigorating the story is. It remains true to the style of the other films, but only gets interesting when the Dragon appears in the last hour of this movie.

Deidra R (kr) wrote: I LOVED this movie when I was littiler. I use to go out and play Basketball right when I saw it! Great Basketball Movie!!!!!!!!*


Jellyfish T (es) wrote: it's a crazy ride...

Robert I (gb) wrote: Who doesn't want to see Hilary Duff?

Jared P (gb) wrote: Jim VanBebber is my fave indie horror director and all these overpaid stuffed-shirt horror jokes called "filmmakers" could take lessons from the real deal.

Jack G (de) wrote: Clint reminds me of my dad, I like all his stuff

Shantel D (mx) wrote: I'm not sure why this is rated so high. It's a cult killer-dinner-party. If you didn't figure it out in the first ten minutes, then I feel like you might have never seen a movie before. The only saving grace in this very tedious, predictable mess, is the main actor who plays Will. He is handsome, and does a decent job with the very little he was given to work with.

juan mario a (mx) wrote: one of the best of clint eastwood