Fahrenhype 9/11

Fahrenhype 9/11

A documentary which refutes and debunks 'facts' made by Michael Moore in his hit film "Fahrenheit 9/11".

A documentary which refutes and debunks 'facts' made by Michael Moore in his hit film "Fahrenheit 9/11". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fahrenhype 9/11 torrent reviews

Mauricio R (ru) wrote: Given how well received and reviewed this was, I was expecting more from this movie.I guess I just didn't identify with the characters and the situations portrayed, or I just "saw through it".Its humor and warmth saves it from a worse rating.

John R (us) wrote: 110710. The preview made this movie seem like a good one to me. All that I can say is that I found this film slow, uninspiring and purposeless. Goes to show that if you take all the good clips from a movie, and splice them all together into a preview, you can really suck people in. Basically, this film displays how fragile life can be and how much risk we really take as young people, often without knowing it. It shows how shallow minded we are when we're young.

Sebastian B (us) wrote: This is one of those movies that you quickly forget ever watching.

Paul W (mx) wrote: They may have thought they were making an epic, but sweeping long shots of steam trains on aqueducts and booted armies marching through southern France fail to muster much grandiosity. It's not helped by a largely American and English cast conveying the fact they are in France by doing "Allo Allo" accents. Every time Michael Gambon is on screen I half expect him to pull a painting of the madonna with the big boobies out of his long-coat. Weak source, weak adaption.

Andreas W (nl) wrote: Nobody knows how to celebrate life and death like the Greek Angelopoulos. excellent work.

Grant S (kr) wrote: This move was so funny! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Lars J (es) wrote: Frvnande pigg och kul postapokalyptisk b-action dr jordens sista fertila kvinna jagas av en ond, arisk kickboxande cyborg i svart lder och blonderad mustasch. Som tur r kommer hunken Joe Lara till undsttning. Nn-stop draction, explosioner, ktttande mutanter och onda robotar i coola nedgngna miljer. Det r inte Bresson men jag hade riktigt kul!

Sean N (ru) wrote: Finney is drunk the entire movie. You go from sympathetic to angry because maybe he just doesn't know what's going on.

David D (nl) wrote: Hard to remember in any great detail after only a year or so

G Irena M (br) wrote: Exceptional played by the handsome Ryan Reynolds.Intense,breathtaking movie.

Jeffrey B (ru) wrote: Eh....definitely shows its age. Acting is good, plot is just complicated enough to not be too predictable, but it never really surprises, and it dragged on a little too much. It was good to see Lee Marvin in something other than the "Dirty Dozen".

Hugh J (nl) wrote: I love Jane Seymour, especially in this movie. And let's face it, Bond walking into Harlem alone in a suit immediately makes him pimp. Too bad the villains are over the top, stupid and annoying. Seriously, there isn't a single black person portrayed in this film that isn't insane, stupid, annoying, a bad actor or retarded. The only one who's kind of ok is Quarrel but he speaks like 2 words, very slowly. And the whole boat chase is too damn long cause of that annoying hick sheriff. Although Roger Moore is likeable and Jane Seymour is beautiful, there's too much stuff that's more annoying than anything. Oh yeah, and I really, really, really hate everyone in that parade that pretends to be a funeral, then kills an agent and starts dancing on the streets. I fucking hate every one of those fuckers. And voodoo. I hate voodoo.

Yong Y (de) wrote: An interesting movie about war. Instead of seeing the gory parts you get to experience the day in some aid workers who are just trying to get a fat dead guy out of a well fighting the beauracracy of UN peacemakers (blue helmets). Good and funny in some parts but it's really slow developing in most parts. Damned mined cows!

Kevin X (ca) wrote: A really fun and unique mystery-thriller XD