Because of a technical defect an American bomber team mistakenly orders the destruction of Moscow. The President of the United States has but little time to prevent an atomic catastrophe from occurring. Director Sidney Lumet gives an atmospheric vision of the future with a Cold War backdrop.

In a 1964 Cold War, American sends the airplane to Moscow for a nuclear attack. But it is a mistake and an Air Force commander tries to contact with the planes. It fails because of jamming in radio communications between a commander and the plots. Whether a war is prevented? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fail-Safe torrent reviews

Marina G (br) wrote: War creates monsters. When we support war we destroy the humanity in our soldiers as well as their victims. Good movie. Somehow all the reviewers missed the main point of the movie.

Mgie G (us) wrote: NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL! Don't waste ur money, time and energy to watch the movie! SO not recommended and define funny! this one is just NOT funny at all.....!!!

Denise P (ca) wrote: Never Been Kissed lives up to its relatable protagonist's go-getting charm with an exciting, adventurous and extremely heartwarming interpretation of the high school experience, populated with colorfully stereotypical characters who are all perfectly led by a fully embracing Drew Barrymore in exuberant form.

Luck D K (gb) wrote: The film shows a love affair with the major obstacle of age, but it shows that there is no limit to love. Michel Legrand still composes music endearing. But actors are not taking enough as they have a little soft and dialogues would have preferred more troubling. One of the first film of Clint Eastwood, but the less endearing as the script is weak and repetitive. Every great artist takes time to gain world recognition.

STCENTERPRISE (jp) wrote: Zulu. The scenery looks more like Utah or Arizona than South Africa. Also the music soundtrack by John Barry sounds more like a western than African. Although the theme music in my opinion was the best part of the entire film.The ending is kind of mediocre as I don't feel quiet satisfied with a resolved solution to the problem. I thought the film did present an accurate depiction of military tactics by both the British military and the Zulu tribes. The film did not explain why the Zulu's were fighting in the first place.I wish more of an emphasis went into character development for both sides because this film just presents what happened with little on expressing their background and personality.

Dan M (it) wrote: I enjoyed watching this classic Disney movie, knowing the impact it had on Walt Disney World. Walt Disney was inspired to create Liberty Square because of this film (Liberty Square was originally intended to be in Disneyland). Also, the restaurant Liberty Tree Tavern was inspired from this film. This movie was originally shot to be two episodes of Walt Disney's TV show, but Walt felt it was so good it could be combined to one film and released theatrically. I really enjoyed the first half of this movie, but the second half dragged a bit. Overall, it is still an enjoyable film, and it is a must for fans of the history of Walt Disney World (and possibly for history buffs as well).