Fair Tales

Fair Tales

Khaoula left Morocco years ago for Paris, then Seville and finally London. There, she had a successful career, but she preferred to move to Barcelona, where she could live her passion: soul...

Khaoula left Morocco years ago for Paris, then Seville and finally London. There, she had a successful career, but she preferred to move to Barcelona, where she could live her passion: soul... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saif J (br) wrote: Awesome movie (gulabi bhaas).

Delwyn J (fr) wrote: Grand Piano features some beautiful sweeping shots and solid acting. The story is completely cliched and the ending totally predictable. Those who are willing to suspend disbelief will undoubtedly be entertained.

Berni E (de) wrote: It was ok - but it was more uncomfortable for me - not at all funny.

Jessica Rae N (gb) wrote: it was not the most exceptional movie i've seen but it's not that bad. It makes you realize that anyone can change given the right motivation.

Cleta H (ag) wrote: Very freaky movie,and James in his undies through the whole movie.

Brian H (kr) wrote: You can't give a 0 star rating, but this film deserves it. It is GARBAGE!!!! It has nothing to do with the actual story, and it rediculously cheezy. This is as accurate as Disney's Pocahantus. The acting is terrible too. I didn't even think it was entertaining. If you find a copy, burn it with fire and send it back to the depths from which it came!

Julio P (au) wrote: If you haven't seen it, you should go to Videon right now

Di P (us) wrote: Even though there is no plot, this movie is still very Interesting.

Jessica L (de) wrote: One of the best and funniest vampire movies around.

Jay B (mx) wrote: Mariah Carey is sexy but this movie is a turd

Tim C (nl) wrote: One of my top four funniest movies ever (along with The Jerk, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie)

Jack W (mx) wrote: The now late Rik Mayall was reasonably good as the title character, but Drop Dead Fred is just painfully unfunny and lacking of interest.

Samantha B (kr) wrote: Haha love this movie

Martin S (br) wrote: As a kid I thought it was awesome. As an adult I thought it was just okay. Minus the hokey special effects which do not, I repeat, DO NOT stand the test of time, the premise is still interesting. Quetzalcoatl has been summoned to snatch people off the rooftops of NYC and it's up to a cop and a drunk smalltime crook to stop it. And if you were wondering, let's just say that Michael Moriarty doesn't play the cop. It's worth a watch only for nostalgic purposes, as most movies filmed in NYC in the late 70's/early 80's always warm the cold cockles of my heart.

Simon C (kr) wrote: The first half hour advances rapidly, the chemistry between Wilder and Pryor is smoothly marvellous. The rest is some fuckin' rodeo that's barely watchable.

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: Now you would think the ship would be sunk but nope! PAYCHECK!

Andy F (gb) wrote: Quite simply, the best Dracula film ever made. Stunning visuals from the opening shot to the very last scene. One of the most atmospheric horror films ever made and a masterpiece of any cinema genre.

Wesley W (kr) wrote: I absolutely hated this movie, it was really boring and the musical scenes are so cheesy and stupid, it was also one of the worst history movies ever. My teacher made me write notes about this and about the characters and it was extremely hard to pay attention to this because of how boring and stupid this film was. I also don't really like musicals unless they are musicals like Rock of Ages because I love rock music. Their are other history films that have a lot of talking in them too like Lincoln and I actually enjoyed it because it was interesting and had great performances while 1776 had terrible acting, boring dialogue, and crap songs that no one will ever remember in a few days.

Tanner B (kr) wrote: Django (1966) ???Compelling Spaghetti Western is extremely violent as mysterious man carries coffin to town where he gets on bad sides with both Southern racists and a Mexican rebellion; at turns, both bloody and sadistic. Now-legendary title song, with a terrific finish. Franco Nero is quite effective as Django.

Keith T (jp) wrote: This movie is horrible...Marilyn Monroe appears in it for less than a minute.