Long-time friends reconnect when one returns to their small Massachusetts town for a funeral.

Dave returns to his hometown on the Massachusetts coast for his father's funeral, where his reunion with two old friends provides a healthy dose of reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emmanuel F (ca) wrote: Not as lame or cheesy as expected, a little crass, but that's high school.

David K (de) wrote: A wonderful homage to silly slasher movies. Grounded, self aware and with filled with stone cold Scandinavian humor .

Hunter V (ag) wrote: This was a horror movie which odly enough i enjoyed.Now i know te acting wasn't that great but the plot was pretty cool and it kept me on my toes.

Jeff H (nl) wrote: A pretty good heist movie with high school students.

Drake H (ag) wrote: This is the type of movie I wanna write and direct. This had a lot of things I like. Something where it's more character then story. Nice music, some unforgettable sequences, and just a depressing/feel good vibe you get out of this. Overall, really liked it.

Alex C (es) wrote: Faye Dunaway was nominated for a Razzie (Worst Supporting Actress) for her performance in this movie. It's a pity she didn't win. This movie had the chance to be more clever, even to be more comic. But Kevin Spacey plays it safe. Safe is good, but not good enough.

Sean L (kr) wrote: A compelling tales of my favorite painter with a cast of the artist's friends along for the ride. The transition from rags to riches is evident during the gallery scene where famous spectators move in and old friends seem to deteriorate. Great storytelling that deserved a more elaborate ending.

Gastn Jos R (gb) wrote: Jeremy Irons stars as Tom Crick, a morose (typical Irons) history teacher who's past is full of tragedies and oddly grim experiences. He becomes nervous after being unable of successfully teaching his students about the French revolution, so he starts sharing his painful experiences about his teenage days. The most interesting part about the plot is how he describes his past in the fenlands of England, and storytelling takes an interesting turn where there's a point in which the line between present and past blurs, showing Jeremy Irons with his students as if they were going to a field trip through Irons's story. Ethan Hawke plays a rebellious student who begins questioning Crick's stories and tells him that he just wants to keep the students interested. Another key character in the story is Tom Crick's wife Mary, who shared much of Tom's experiences in the past to the point where it's shown that they used to have sex in an abandoned mill. Something crucial happens that also involves Tom's mentally handicapped brother leading to a tragic chapter in Tom's life. Mary becomes unable to bear a baby and that troubles her to the point of stealing a baby.Waterland is a touching film, the events are shown carefully through Crick's stories. Everything that happens contributes to Crick's pain and it's not hard to see why. In Crick's stories we see how he begins as a carefree, joyful teenager and slowly becomes depressed because of the events told in the stories.It is a very recommendable film, even though it has it's flaws. The developing of the plot is very original and interesting because of its careful structure, and the performances are excellent, even better than the plot itself, Jeremy Irons holds everything together pretty well with his performance and in the end the viewer really feels sad for Irons's character.

John M (br) wrote: Surreal and thought provoking film. Like a wierd late 80's version of 'Network.'

rachael e (au) wrote: well lets just say its my ALLTIME favorite movie soooo rare and erotic yet pure and dreamy love him t'll daeth<3

Oscar C (kr) wrote: I think that this film was amazing. My emotions were constantly changing and the acting was superb! I felt a sympathy for the gangsters, and sometimes I was surprised and amazed by some things that happened. But also to know that this epic story was true brings the film to a new level of greatness.

Gabriel O (ru) wrote: I raised interest at the first half. The second one was a little dahfuck, but it stood be fun enough. Tarantino hasn't lost his touch, but I expect more from him.

Conrad T (nl) wrote: 1/2 a star Despite it is based on a true story, too predictable.

Harry S (ca) wrote: Good Watch, Good Twist. Mel Gibson Was Immense As Always