Fairy Tale Auto

Fairy Tale Auto


János is a 35 years old, rich, succesful single man, who plans to go on a long vacation with his brand new car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fairy Tale Auto torrent reviews

Anthony A (it) wrote: A dreamy document of 3 young boys adventure into the vibrant and sometimes seedy nightlife of N'awlins.

Andrew H (nl) wrote: This was one of my favorites as a kid. It had the guy from Win Lose or Draw in it. I saw it again fairly recently and I found that it was one of the few movies that I liked when I was little that wasn't truely terrible.

Rajesh M (us) wrote: A tutorial in overacting

Scott W (it) wrote: Have to support our Aussie films always. Miranda is always very good in anything she does.

Debbie H (us) wrote: sounds funny i mit have to see this

gustavmarkovic31 (kr) wrote: what was the reason for the sequel!? the first one was bad enough. hilary duff is missing, leaving gaping holes in the connected storyline from the first to this one, and the unlikely action scenes are unbelievably stupid, not to mention the kiddy style used by the bad guys. a spray that knocks you out is the kind of thing im talking about. way-too hollywood. come to think of it, way-too stupid aswel.

Mel C (ru) wrote: Entertaining but no depth but good for a light hearted film

Mohamed F (gb) wrote: Into the lives of film buffs, not deep enough though...

Esra (ag) wrote: Great german movie, forget the hollywood remake!

Kyle f (ag) wrote: Cliched but scary horror film that features some creative kills and a homage to Psycho.

Russ V (jp) wrote: Nightmare City can be a fun movie, but with its terrible make-up and special effects, and even worse acting at times, there is nothing here to suggest that this is even a competent piece of film making, let alone a good one.

Roy C (es) wrote: Now many would think this film is about Susan Sarandon's character. While it is about her symbolically, she only has a few scenes, the longest being the integral opening scene that prepares the rest of the movie.However, the central character is Joe. So what about Joe? Well for one, his name is perfectly fitting. Because that's what he is-an average joe. A working-class man with working-class values. A man who loves bowling, brews, and above all his country. He's a stark believer and spokesman of patriotism. And in the world of 1970, there wasn't too much patriotism going on, particularly from the youth of America. "Times they were a changin" as they say. Joe wasn't happy with that change. He doesn't like the counterculture, whether it be dodge-drafters, druggies, free love, rock music, or just guys with long hair. He likes the modest, moralistic, and hard-working America he grew up with. And so does Bill Compton, a business man with a teenage daughter (Susan Sarandon) considered to be a "hippie" and a drug addict, along with her drug-dealer boyfriend.Bill eventually confronts the boyfriend and gets himself into some serious trouble after a bout of rage. Later he also crosses paths with Joe at a bar, who's mouthing off drunkenly about the problems of the world. Bill doesn't say much, but he did say something that threw Joe off. Joe senses Bill may be caught in a real predicament, so later he meets with him to talk it over. They wind up becoming buddies, bonding over what happened. Two guys from different sides of the track. These men may be nothing alike in terms of social class, but they hold similar views of what society has become.After an argument between Bill and his daughter, she runs away in shock and disgust. Bill is devastated and must get her back, so he asks Joe to offer his services. They scour the city looking for her, amongst the hippies they loathe but try to blend with in hope of getting any information leading to her discovery. Eventually they're duped by a group of teens who rip them off, but Joe and Bill, in a state of consternation, find their hideout and pay them a visit. It is there that things take a sudden turn for the worse, when both characters give in to peer pressure, coercion, and their underlying bigotry, letting it feed the actions that cause their undoing.

Landon E (nl) wrote: Didn't need it. And the continuity is off. C'mon, Pixar. It was one of the first lines in the first one; "You've been jealous of my good looks since the FOURTH GRADE, pal."

Sarah C (it) wrote: Slow-burning drama with horror elements. Worth watching if, like me, you don't like James Nesbitt...

Brad S (us) wrote: This was one of Bogart's last film, and it reunited him with director John Huston, and it was also the 5th and final time he worked with friend Peter Lorre. Trumon Capote contributed to the script as well. The story is ok, and the film is amusing. Not a great film, but an easy watch for Bogart fans.