Faith, Fraud, & Minimum Wage

Faith, Fraud, & Minimum Wage

A rebellious teenage girl wrestles with the true nature of miracles when her father begins to believe in a religious hoax which she has secretly created.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hoax,   teenager,   christmas,  

A rebellious teenage girl wrestles with the true nature of miracles when her father begins to believe in a religious hoax which she has secretly created. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad H (nl) wrote: Apparently they could get 100+ miles to the gallon in the 1950's literally running a vehicle on fumes. If that's true, and the oil companies have suppressed it, then there's no justice in the world and the oil guys are dicks.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: The ride lost its joy.

Erik B (fr) wrote: Man, talk about attention to detail. This film is all about the technique for me, with perfect performances and meticulously written dialogue weaved together for a powerful, "under the surface" drama. I also think it's worth noting that Kiarostami does something here that I've never seen on screen before (which is probably due to this being my first experience with this director). The balancing of languages here is absolutely perfect. Having grown up in a Polish Canadian family, I know how naturally moving in and out of two languages should sound like, and I have NEVER seen a film that has perfected this kind of speech before until now. In terms of any flaws I may have found, it kind of delves into spoiler territory, which I wouldn't dare ruin considering how the film seems much better if you go in blind. Hell, it may not even be a flaw. I may just need to see it again. I sure would like to.This review was written at 2:30 in the morning and I'm tired lul

Jade C (ca) wrote: Haha that story where your dad tries too control your every move and decision .... A great comedy full of fun, friendship and love ... I can't wait till I get to college

Walter C (ru) wrote: the truth hurts, the truth is depressing, but the truth enlightens us and sets us free.

Jay C (it) wrote: [2015-10-18] Shocking long-take shot

Ce G (jp) wrote: 3 cueros demasiado!

Lucy C (nl) wrote: This movie is hilarious! It was cast perfectly. A great flick for a girl's night or if you need a quick cheer up.

David T (ca) wrote: If you're a wannabe independent filmmaker, this documentary IS for you. At first this comes off like we're laughing at these people but as it progresses you really feel for them. At least I did. Some parts I was nearly driven to tears. Like I said if you're a independent filmmaker, this IS for you.

Kacie B (ru) wrote: Faye Dunaway steals every scene she is in with this chimp. LOLOLOLOLS a'plenty!

JL (ru) wrote: it was a sweet movie so what if it predictable! lots of movies are. it makes you think about what you do in your life and wishing for what you don't have and it may not be better. LOVE this movie!

Emma M (us) wrote: The story doesn't really flow well. But hey, Fassbender spends a lot of the first part shirtless. Good if you like The Gladiator style movies and don't mind bloodlots of blood

Steve H (br) wrote: Not a great film but what film is with a big foot in it

Jacob G (de) wrote: Grease is a charming and funny yet cheesey teen movie that I recommend

Jake M (au) wrote: This movie, I thought, could have had a lot of potential, but it was so stuffed with sports movie cliches that I knew what was going to happen before every scene. Why are there so many movies based on real sports stories? Not that that's a bad thing, but execution and control are extremely crucial when it comes to sports movies. This one has neither. It doesn't even have a memorable title or memorable characters. In fact, the only thing that's memorable is the football action. It's definitely not the worst sports movie out there, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Nathan G (es) wrote: A movie made for women by men. Dumb and too long, but also fun at times.