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Tanvir M (au) wrote: The multi-talented Delpy writes, directs, acts and sings in this excellent romantic/relationship/ culture clash dramedy. It was a joy to behold, with consistent dosages of quirkiness, reminding me of Woody Allen's earlier works.

Tina A (gb) wrote: I only watched this movie because Mila Kunis was in it and that was all I got.Mila was the only good part of this movie...although I am not quite sure what the point of the pig was.

Don S (br) wrote: Surprisingly touching story based on the real life of John Groberg, a missionary to Tonga. I really felt for these characters, brought to life by Christopher Gorham, Anne Hathaway and the other wonderful cast. Human beings caring for other human beings despite differences in culture and language, all in the name of the Lord. My only quibble - Hathaway's role could have been bigger.

Megan G (es) wrote: how many more movies they gonna make,LOL :)

Alailson B (br) wrote: A histria absurdamente boba e simplria. Mas James Cameron aproveita Schwarzenegger para transformar o filme quase em uma galhofa de ponta a ponta. E funciona.

Javier V (ru) wrote: Punto nmero uno: EXCELENTE FOTOGRAF?A...todo pareca un claroscuro y como bien mencionaba Gomez Montero: se siente el color an con su ausencia.Segundo punto: Es magistral la forma en que la historia comienza, aparentemente, de la nada y por medio de la musica nos presenta a todos los personajes del vecindario. Nos introduce en una hstoria donde vemos claros el amor fraternal, la figura materna representada de diferentes formas, la inocencia, las mentiras piadosas, la impotencia y el amor.Gran cinta con grandes momentos. En lo particular me quedo con "Qutame la medallay compra un cajn para mi madre". Ese momento revela demasiadas cosas en la historia y es tan simple que es GRANDIOSA.

Anna Z (es) wrote: The screwball comedy is a genre in serious need of a revival. If there's one bad thing the advent of the rating system did it was to take away the need for subtlety that was so artfully mastered by the screenwriters of the 30s. This movie had me in stitches without the use of vulgarity and fart jokes.

Mark W (de) wrote: With A History of Violence in 2005, David Cronenberg seemed to take his career in a more mainstream direction. It wasn't the horror or dark science fiction that many had come to know him by, but an arresting thriller that was actually based on a graphic novel. It was a big success and, two years later, led to Cronenberg sticking with his leading man Viggo Mortensen and attempting something similar with Eastern Promises. You could say that their second collaboration delivers something even more satisfying.Plot: Deeply affected by the death of a Russian teenager in childbirth, nurse Anna (Naomi Watts) takes it upon herself to find her family and save the baby from foster care. With access to the girl's diary, Anna is led to Semyon (Armin Mueller-Stahl), the owner of a Trans-Siberian restaurant. Semyon isn't the endearing character that he makes out, however, and the closer Anna gets to the girls story, the closer she gets to the enigmatic 'driver' Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen) and the bloody underworld of the Russian Mafia.When you think of a mob movie, your memory will most likely be jogged to the glamorously brutal Italian American variety. The obvious ones being the exemplary work of Scorsese's Goodfellas or Coppola's The Godfather. You may even consider the violent Cuban's of DePalma's Scarface and the Puerto Rican's of Carlito's Way or perhaps the Irish goons from The Coen brothers Miller's Crossing. With Eastern Promises, though, Cronenberg decides to focus on the Russian mafia operating from a restaurant in the drab, Hackney borough of London. Although it mines the same well as some of the aforementioned films, it feels like a fresh take on the mob movie, primarily because it's an ethnic group of mobsters that don't often get attention. Steven Knight's screenplay focuses on the murky world of people trafficking while exploring the tradition and initiation of Russian criminal codes. The gangsters of this story have to earn their positions and their stripes which are represented in tattoo form and by doing so, brings forth an genuine air of mystery and intrigue to the characters. This is the master stoke of the film. And Cronenberg knows it. He's not overly concerned with the plot itself. Sure, it plays out with a good degree of tension and more than holds your interest but the real draw here is what we don't see. It's the machinations of this criminal underworld and their untold code of ethics that intrigues the most. This is exemplified with some great performances; Naomi Watts delivers the perfect bewilderment of a women out of her depth and while I'm a huge fan of Vincent Cassel - and his loose-cannon, Kirill, gets a substantial amount to do here - even he isn't the standout. It's the unnerving work of Armin Mueller-Stahl who brings real gravitas as Semyon, the patriarchal head of the family and the quietly affecting, yet very intimidating, Viggo Mortensen who own this film. When we speak of mystery and intrigue, Mortensen's loyal driver Nikolai is the epitome of it. It's an absolutely captivating performance which rightly gained him his first (and long overdue) Oscar nomination with his involvement in a steam-room brawl worth the nomination alone.Where the film is slightly let down is in its rushed denouement. For the most part, it revels in a particular pace, but when it's drawing to a close it feels muddled and determined to finish within a particular running time. Up until then, however, it's a brutal and punishing crime yarn that hits many a strong note and breathes new life into the mob film. A viceral, stylish and compelling story that benefits greatly from masterful acting. It's arguably both Cronenberg and Mortensen's finest work. This Eastern themed film keeps good on its Promises. Mark Walker

Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, December 9, 2013 (2012) One In The Chamber ACTION THRILLER Straight-to-rental but a much improved version of bigger budgeted movies as 1991 "Assassins" starring Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas, and the dreadful 1991 film starring Bruce Willis called "Last Man Standing". Here is a much sophisticated unique version of "Yojimbo" centering on two Russian mafia factions on opposite sides of each other and Cuba Gooding JR playing a professional assassin being hired to shoot and kill two specific people since they were collaborating with each other without the notification of the other. Cuba succeeds into killing one but not the other as he hides behind a scared female escort, and one of the things he doesn't do is shoot helpless women. Because Cuba botched this assassination, they then hire a new hit man nicknamed "The Wolf" played by Dolph Lundgren. Feeling unwanted, Cuba's middle man then instructs him to go after the old boss who originally employed him in the first place, and the first person he hits is the gang leader's kid brother. All hell breaks loose as the wolf is eventually going to clash with the Cuba Gooding JR character since they're both hired hit man's. The action scenes is not so great, but I love the set up as well as the handling of it just because these hit man movies often end so badly, and this is one of few ways I've never seen before which our anti- heroes can diffuse their complicated situation. 3 out of 4 stars

Don S (br) wrote: A horrid account of the life of Hercules containing next to nothing of the actual legend, and not making a good alternate accounting of the character either. Very poorly acted. Bad computer graphics and green screen usage. My daughter loves the looks of Kellan Lutz, but the man can't act his way out of a wet paper bag. The only reason I'm rating this so high is the stout performance of Roxanne McKee as the Queen.

Guilherme N (kr) wrote: Contemporary through medieval.