Fala Tu

Fala Tu

Documentary about three people living in the North part of Rio de Janeiro, in poor neighborhoods: their lives, dreams and intimacy. They don't know each other, but have one thing in common:...

Documentary about three people living in the North part of Rio de Janeiro, in poor neighborhoods: their lives, dreams and intimacy. They don't know each other, but have one thing in common:... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fala Tu torrent reviews

Denis M (ag) wrote: nothing special,but it's entertaining...

Barry T (nl) wrote: Well acted but dragged in parts

Jenn T (it) wrote: Nope, Cyrus should have stuck to the Hannah Montana movie.

MF J (mx) wrote: Die hard indy film, this movie has an interesting story at it's core and a good positive message at its core. Felicity Huffman is wonderful in this film giving probably her best performance ever to date.

Alexander K (it) wrote: ? ? (? ? ) ?-?. ? ? (?), ? . ? - ? (?). ?, ? , 60000 . ? - , . ? , -, , ? ? . ? ? ? (? ), , . :rotten:

Frisby 2 (nl) wrote: An abomination to animation. All this movie does is piss off your intelligence to the point of making it painful to watch. All this movie consists of is horrible animation, appalling & preposterous voice castings (one of the worst things in this sequence of moving characters), an out-of-the-dumpster plot & story (seriously, Santa gets sued), annoying characters, horrible songs (the song this crap was inspired from is actually pretty good, but gets irritating after a while), & an overall bad animated film. Now, while this movie sucked, & it is actually one of the worst animated movies I have ever seen, it is not the WORST I've seen. That spot is already taken by the Titanic animated movies, & The Little Cars. Plot/Story: The plot of thefilm should be pretty obvious from the title; a kid's grandmother gets run over by one of Santa's reindeer. So from that, you wonder how you can possibly extend it to 50 minutes. Well, apparently the animators of this found a way by adding a grandmother that lost her memory from that impact & then somehow lost her memory while also being taken care of at Santa's workshop, an evil gold-digger cousin named Mel that wants to take over the family business from her own great aunt at any cost along with an accomplice (appropriately & creatively named Ms. Slime) & then sell it, & Santa Clause getting his ass sued by that same accomplice & evil cousin. Yeah, from that, you can't expect a good film with those plot elements thrown in. All of them are incomprehensible & do not make anymore sense as they go by. Cast/Acting: Casting choices are loaded with no-names, & they are all done wrong, seriously. It's like whoever directed this movie just asked the actors to voice whichever character they're fingers randomly landed on & go from there. Not only are the casting choices for the characters bad, but they are also horribly done; no character in here with the exception of Cousin Mel & Jake sound anything like they're characters. Grandma sounded like some annoying half-wit that seemed to have gotten a squeaky toy stuck in her piehole, grandpa sounded like some obnoxious guy who was in his early twenties & hadn't yet hit puberty, & Santa sounded young as well, nothing like the jolly fat old man he is supposed to be. Songs: As far as I can recall, there were only less than a handful of songs in here, next to the main theme song of the movie. But by handful, I actually mean I can't remember any other songs in here other than "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" & "Grandma's gonna sue the pants off of Santa". I will admit, that as random as "Grandma's gonna sue" was in the film, it was actually pretty catchy. But hearing it again & again more than 3 times a day or every few days would drive me insane (because the lyrics are actually the same over & over again). Animation: It sucks. The animation in here is not only inconsistent, but also choppy, & very cheap. There are a handful of moments where the animation is pretty clean & smooth, but the rest of it is just awful. Heck, a lot of the character's looked deformed! I swear I noticed how one of Cousin Mel's gigantic tits (I think it was the right boob) shrunk & regrew every frame for about 10 seconds! Everything else in this is just crap. I understand TV-made films are on liited budgets, but this is no excuse. Disney's "Beauty & the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" was done by the Disney Television animation industry, & even that movie had some beautiful animation for a TV-animated movie.

Carol H (gb) wrote: While it is a little smarter than the average teen comedy, it's also pretty cynical and unmemorable.

Judge L (ag) wrote: Had not watched this since it first came out on DVD. The world changed 6 months after this one came out.

nick k (ca) wrote: i love this movie its one of my favorite movies

Pamela A (es) wrote: This was a very heart warming movie, and a a pleasure to watch. It was a very moving film.

James R (es) wrote: An interesting tale involving a boy taking a ride on some sort of space ship.

Andrew M (it) wrote: Zoolander is an okay movie. I didn't laugh a whole lot, but it is still an okay movie. The plot is pretty good. I would suggest this movie especially if you are a fashion fan.