Falcon Down

Falcon Down

U.S. Air force officer Hank Thomas attempts to expose a military cover-up after a civiian airliner crashes.

U.S. Air force officer Hank Thomas attempts to expose a military cover-up after a civiian airliner crashes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan F (jp) wrote: Its almost like the sequel that never was from Green Street 1. A past firm leaders brother is killed by Millwall's top man? Just like Stevie Dunham's (aka The Major) brother Pete is killed in a fight at the end of the first Green Street.

Budi H (jp) wrote: Another famous character played by Donnie, the fight is tense and realistic, though the environment is too dark in some scene, question: why Guan did not have 'red face' like he usually pictured in all Chinese literature?

Brian S (au) wrote: Except for a cluncky, weird and questionable ending, "Insidious" is a very good demon movie, definitly one of the best since the 2000's. For a modest budget, James Wan really did a good job at delivering a lot of scares and compitent horror filmmaking. This movie also uses a lot of shadows and darkness, something that hasn't been seen in modern horror movies for a will. Anyways, spooky flick and recommended !!

Camille S (br) wrote: This movie shows the family's troubles using songs and dancing in a dramatic style that shows their emotion, but isn't cheesy with the songs and dancing like other musicals. I'm now genuinely impressed with the director, Kasi lemmons of how she explains the emotions in many different ways. The down fall with this is that it didn't grab my interest at some parts. It tended to drag on and on with the same scene like as if the director got lazy. I suggest this movie to people that wants a dramatic musical but has a lot of time and patience.

James H (br) wrote: 46/100. This is the eighth entry in the Love Comes Softly film series, and the seventh one that should not have been made. The are so poorly produced and have a complete lack of anything resembling period detail, this one is no exception. I wasn't aware women had their hair frosted in the 1800's. The score is repetitive and so mundane, the acting below average and the art direction is obvious and very phony looking. The story is predictable and the attempts at humor are lame.

Kym c my community profile R (us) wrote: ian Somerhalder stars as Marco Polo. Adventure of marco Polo. (I'm bad at History so wouldn't ahve a clue as to if its somewhat based on the history books or not) & well put any of my fave actors in a movie w/ a subject that usually bores me... I'll pay attention. (too bad they couldn't do things like this in school!) To me the story was interesting. I LOVED the costume of the Kahn empire the travels were interesting as well. Plus the adventure lasts over 2 hours. A 20 year old marco ends up having to stay in the empire for his life. Was not a boring one, for the Emporor found uses of Marco to travel here or there for him.B for Ian?s beard in the movie ?.F. You could tel l it was so fake I saw glue!!

Jarmo P (it) wrote: Suddenly our guys in Cannes seem well behaved and conservative.

Mateus Z (ru) wrote: Every time I watch this movie I have this fleeting moment when I feel like I understand the Finnish soul. It doesn't last very long, though.

Sean T (de) wrote: Hilariously offbeat and quirky, Annie Hall is an unconventional comedy with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

jesse k (gb) wrote: I cried when I watched this movie. I'm going through male menopause.