Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising

Chapman is an ex-marine in Brazil's slums, battling the yakuza outfit who attacked his sister and left her for dead.

Former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark anti-hero driven by guilt and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy - a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the U.S. State Department. When Chapman';s sister is brutally attacked while on assignment in Brazil, Chapman flies into Sao Paulo to track down her assailants, quickly entering the city';s seedy underbelly and discovering a world of drugs, the sex trade, corrupt cops, and organized crime syndicates battling for control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jas B (us) wrote: Imma never watch a bollywood film...... ever

Jason B (ru) wrote: This is an excellent film of madness and mystery, in this asylum nothing is as it seems!!!

Frank F (mx) wrote: Really kind of sweet and romantic.

Cody W (au) wrote: Was a horrible movie. Not much action or anything. The ending was the past part of the whole movie.

Jericho A (ru) wrote: I would be honest in saying that this is actually a cute film but still, its absolutely stupid. If i watched this 9 years ago (which makes me 5) I wouldve thought this was cool but it certainly is not. How much animated films are going to show us more crap?

Spencer S (us) wrote: This film is in my favorite genre: dark humored, pointless, character driven films. Noah Baumbach is one of my favorite writer/directors, and in this story of a strung out writer at her sister's wedding and all the family dysfunction that goes along with it, the film writes itself with its strong characters and gritty pretense. The storyline isn't all too original, but the performances from these actors are driving, unflinching, and realistic. Nicole Kidman has never been so unlikable and flighty as she is in this film. She is narrow minded of her sister, who is marrying a dilettante (Jack Black) who Margot deems unfit for her. There is also a sensitive past between the two sisters and their family, intensified by the fact that Margot's sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) currently lives in the old family house. There is a bitter honesty between the siblings but also a kind of magic realism, as their lives are slowly unearthed to one another after all these years. Kidman especially stirs the pot between the factions of the family with her commentary on her sister's fiance, their past, and the fact that all her writing is autobiographical and has ruined her sister's first marriage, alienated her from her family, and caused a rift in her own marriage, also caused by an affair with an egotistical ass. What is really striking about these interrelationships is that of the children, especially Margot's son, who she repeatedly self-diagnoses as having Asperger's and when she wants to be nice describes him as an artistic soul. Her son seems spoiled, yet that may seem the case because he speaks of things he knows little about with his cousin and family friend, but when he speaks to his mother she either undermines what he thinks and feels as childish blather, or intellectual hierarchy supplemented by her own particular parenting style. Even though it is strangely pointless throughout, I think the ending is supposed to be uplifting, as Margot is trying to stop her reckless behavior and reconnect with her family. Still, there is nothing pseudo intellectual about this character study or bombastic from Jack Black's performance as the light comedy. It has some simple realism, but really it's about family, and the lengths we go to protect ourselves from the only people who know us best.

John D (ag) wrote: Ireland in the 1990s finally snapped out of its lassez-faire mentality and general disbelief towards the horrors many demi-god clerical figures perpetrated upon the vulnerable youths basically imprisoned in reform schools across the country. "Song for a Raggy Boy" could have been many things, one of them could've been an Irish take on the brutal British masterpiece "Scum", possibly adapting the ice-cold Kubrick feeling of claustaphobia and lurking menace Alan Clarke tuned into precisely. The final result here is something that cannot reason between sporadic moments of harrowing brutality, an unnecessary soundtrack dancing gleefully between the crystal white Christmas snowflakes, William Franklin's revolutionary guile, nor the temptation to sooth the stinging horror with soft-focus camera work as if taking box office heebee-geebees into account. The youngsters, especially Mercier, are a revelation, Aidan Quinn chews through his role with the passionate conscience of a real-life member of the Abraham Lincoln brigade, the supporting cast are vigorous too, as they surely are aware that the uneven narrative may not convey exactly what the ghosts of thousands of children are begging them to say. If ever a picture NEEDED to be delicately balanced between thundering darkness, occasional cracks of light, and actors who tuned perfectly into the zeitgeist, it was this one, luckily the cast have a wisdom the folks behind the scenes seemed to miss out on, as otherwise a collective subject matter so serious could've descended into Halllmark Channel fare.

Nile M (gb) wrote: more people should see this, great idea and storyline but its dragged down by the camerawork and screwy editing.

Cameron M (us) wrote: While its concept has some potential and might have worked better outside of the franchise, as a sequel to Speed it is a far cry in quality due to Willem Dafoe?s cartoonish presence, lack of continual suspense, and action that is surprisingly underwhelming aside from the finale?s over-the-top stunts.

Brandon C (ru) wrote: This film is mildly amusing and is only funny when you wonder why you are watching it in the first place and can't think of a reason.

Auli H (au) wrote: Nothing special in this one.

Ms Amanda J (au) wrote: It's a supernatural western! God bless (or help?) everyone involved. I hate Westerns and I've put off seeing this for many years. It's time I finally do!

Harry W (ag) wrote: With the Dirty Harry film series remaining a solid collection of action thrillers, Sudden Impact sounded like it would ride the same successful path.Sudden Impact is the Dirty Harry film that everyone is familiar with yet nobody has ever seen. The film features one of cinema's most iconic lines in screenwriting history when protagonist Harry Callahan targets his enemy at a diner and proclaims "Go ahead. Make my day". Arguably the most iconic thing Clint Eastwood has ever said, this single line is an iconic embodiment of the raw tension that runs through the veins of "Dirty" Harry Callahan. Alas, that is perhaps the single piece of good writing in Sudden Impact. By this point in the film series, there have been three preceding films to establish Harry Callaghan as a relentless homicide detective who will fearlessly shoot anyone who gets in his way. This means that we have had three preceding films to establish the formula for the series, leaving Sudden Impact to do little but embody it. The limitations for characterization in the films have been established since there is a greater focus on crafting a spectacle of crime and violence, and by the point of Sudden Impact it has all been seen before. The highlights of Sudden Impact come during their action scenes because the film remains a practical spectacle with impressive set pieces and stunts as well as plenty of shootouts which are captured with strong cinematography and edited timely. There are also some powerful sound effects put into play as well which effectively ensure that there is a sense of tension in Sudden Impact. However, the title of the film is really misleading.There is nothing sudden about any kind of impact that this film has on viewers as there is actually an extensive amount of waiting around the audience has to partake in. Between the admittedly impressive action scenes are simply recycled plot points which hit viewers over the head with information they are already all too aware of. Viewers know that Harry Callahan is a rough cop who plays by his own rules, and yet Sudden Impact insists on reminding us that this nature of behaviour conflicts with his precinct. We get it, he's a badass. There has to be more to the story than that, yet there isn't. Sudden Impact lacks any kind of story innovation whatsoever and doesn't even make an attempt to expand on the depth of its main character, rather going in predictable circles as it attempts to string together an excuse for Clint Eastwood to work with his wife, Sondra Locke. Though neither of them are bereft of natural charms, their actual characters boast nothing synonymous with the word "innovation" since they are both heavily archetypal. Ultimately, the story in Sudden Impact is a central link to the major faults of the production. Attempting to go in a different direction to the preceding Dirty Harry stories, Sudden Impact goes for a more morally-challenging thriller in which the characters are meant to complicate the viewer's perspective of what is right and wrong in the eyes of the law. This premise is better suited for a film which is not part of an established series of action spectacles, rather a film which focuses more energy on the thriller elements than the action ones. Instead, viewers are left with a character-focused narrative which is actually severely lacking in depth. Neither of the main characters are that interesting, and there is a no sense of war that goes on between them like the kinds of antagonists that Harry Callahan has faced off with in the past. So when Sudden Impact isn't boasting its technical accomplishments, its skimming the surface of a dull story at a slow pace. Moving at a tedious rate back and forth through the stories of the two main characters, Sudden Impact never bothers to try something original with its star power or production budget and instead leaves viewers to simply experience plenty of material that they have already seen before in far superior features. All in all, Sudden Impact is simply an obligatory film more than anything and brings nothing fresh to the table for the legacy of "Dirty" Harry Callahan.However, with Clint Eastwood back in his iconic role the film is certainly not a complete waste. A natural born warrior, Clint Eastwood brings the iconic brand of vigilante justice and true grit to the role. Sudden Impact capitalizes on his line delivery in the aforementioned iconic line of the series "Go ahead. Make my day" which is delivered with such raw tension, and it is the greatest thing he has said since the "Do I feel lucky?" speech from the first Dirty Harry. Though not emotionless, Clint Eastwood says the line without flinching. And the stare in his eyes is merciless, the cold and relentless stare of a nihilistic product of endless violence. Clint Eastwood's handsome appeal and intense energy keep the spirit of story's hero alive even in the face of so much weak material. Since the film is a routine one all he has to do is go back on what he knows, and there is no denying that he brings back the same essential spirit that made "Dirty" Harry Callahan the iconic action hero that he is recognized across the land for. Clint Eastwood 's role in Sudden Impact ensures that the majority of the film's existence is not completely wasteful, and though there are really no actors who manage to challenge him or stand up to his standard, it just means that he ensures that everything in the film focuses solely around him.So Sudden Impact brings Clint Eastwood's hard-edged nature back once again and puts him through a collection of technically accomplished action sequences, but beneath all that is little more than a slow burning conventional thriller which uses a shortage of tension and a heavy collection of generic plot points to stretch its limited material beyond any sensible level of running time

Marnie Z (us) wrote: A fun movie set around the hype of the Beatles back in the 60's.

Zandra E (ca) wrote: I don't think I've ever rated anything with Bette Davis this low before, but not even she could save this film. This movie just too long and slow for it to deliver any real fright.