Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Otto Preminger's classic film noir offering captures the common postwar struggle to get ahead, and one man's balancing act between two women. Dana Andrews stars as a drifter named Eric Stanton, who, after landing in a small California town, falls in love with Stella (Linda Darnell), a diner waitress. She makes it clear that she'll have nothing to do with Eric unless he has some money, so he hatches a plan to marry June Mills (Alice Faye), a wealthy reclusive spinster who is in love with him. Unfortunately, right after the wedding, Stella turns up dead, and the blame is placed on Eric.

A slick con man arrives in a small town looking to make some money, but soon gets more than he bargained for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leigh C (it) wrote: Classic kiwi flick. Favourite shot - the bar manager with the crate on her shoulder - that goes straight into the 'shots all Kiwis know' file. I could have used a few more subtitles - for the English rather than the Maori! Trying to understand those boys made me feel old. I'm not hip to the yoof bro. Great to see such a warm and positive Maori story on the big screen and with no whales in it either.

Jennie R (ca) wrote: B-movie to the hilt. The acting sucks. The special effects cheesy. This movie is gory. Not for the faint at heart regardless of the fake guts being spewed. This isnt the worse horror film I have seen. It has a lot of potential though. Horror fans: if you want a gross out laugh fest, check this out, otherwise, it really isnt worth the regular OR the late fee. :P

Anna B (au) wrote: It's almost immediately obvious that this isn't really just about hair, so it was a little disappointing that the rest of the movie was more concerned with the hows than the whys. Still, it's pretty interesting, and very, very funny, especially the scenes where Rock is shooting the shit with people in barbershops and salons. That baffling hair battle thing kinda brings the tone down a bit though. It seemed like a sketch from a bad Chappelle's Show knockoff stretched out way too long and apparently real? It's very strange and shouldn't have taken up so much of the movie.

John T (br) wrote: This was ok. We have the start of the Super Power Registration Act (which they did in the Marvel universe as well). Flash and the Martian quit because of it.)

brian w (fr) wrote: For so many big names in this movie .. it was pretty stupid...

Peter M (es) wrote: Good. An interesting adaptation. 7.

Geraldine S (gb) wrote: Make me laugh every time I watch this movies. But sad what happen to the girl .

Tim M (ru) wrote: As Charming as it is fun, Scissorhands offers brilliant direction and Depp at his best which combined are exquisite.

Madwolfie C (it) wrote: This is the first of the road movies that became part of the unoffical trilogy. (the 2 others: The Wrong Road & Kings of the Road)The movie reflects on the influences of American pop culture on postwar Europe. Probably the love & hate tension and then coming to terms with it as well. In B & W, there is a feel of dreaminess about it, the journey of self discovery - the denial and then admittance...Will definitely check out the other 2 road movies if possible!

Caitlin L (de) wrote: My least favorite of the series so far