NASA and its Soviet-Russian counterpart prepare another mission to the permanent space station. Highly experienced J.J. 'Jim' Hendricks, headstrong at simulator tests, has all ...

NASA and its Soviet-Russian counterpart prepare another mission to the permanent space station. Highly experienced J.J. 'Jim' Hendricks, headstrong at simulator tests, has all ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fallout torrent reviews

Critic M (gb) wrote: Sam Rockwell can do no wrong! "Better Living Through Chemistry" is a fun, fresh and satisfying watch all the way through.A small town pharmacists who is stuck in a rut shakes things up with a sexy trophy wife and a blend of assorted drugs.Olivia Wilde is perfect as the trouble making trophy wife who seduces Rockwell's character Doug. Michelle Monaghan plays a great unappreciative housewife and Ray Liotta pops up for a bit as the husband of Wilde.Sam Rockwell is great as Doug Varney the pharmacist who is just waiting to flip on his crazy switch. This film has a certain charm that I look for in movies. Check it out, this one is worth the watch. Oh and to the other critics who talked trash about this... they can go f*** themselves. Rockwell is the man and this movie is great.

Agata K (gb) wrote: The beginning was very promising. But than it got very boring and stupid and it stayed like that.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: A pleasant film. Not fabulous, but engaging and sweetly amusing, with some enjoyable oddball characters and cute plot twists. What holds the whole thing together well is a likeable, warm, centered performance my Licia Maglietta, whose manages to keep her role from becoming pathetic, silly, or annoying--as it might have done in the hands of a different actress. BUT that being said, I almost turned it off several times due to boredom.

Irene C (it) wrote: This is funny- u should check it out...

Tommy H (nl) wrote: I understand why the film is so controversial, but it didn't shock me. Well, it did, actually. The freak out scenes were well done and provided a clear picture of the characters internal struggles and were good simulations of intoxication. The setting is original, but not the story. A man discontent with his life goes on a crazy trip and gets a fright when he sobers up, and the experience repeats like in any tale of drug addiction. The thing that makes the setting unique is the hospitality of the locals, and how everyone has an easy going attitude and insist on buying you a beer. I was raised in a small town and if you take away the animal cruelty and instead of Donald's house set the movie in the woods around a fire, that sums up my teenage years pretty good. I didn't go insane. I had a good time. The way I see the movie it could take place in any isolated town anywhere in the world. Americans probably won't identify because in an American movie a character like this would end up depressed and alone or in jail or in a gang. The movie makes you feel like there's no escape because people are so friendly towards him and they buy him a beer with good intentions. But you view the film through a filter. The film is shocking because the director chose to make it that way. From the freak out scenes, to the exaggerated acting, from the cycle of gambling and alcohol addiction -- all things added for effect. The man was bored with his life, got a thrill from betting on a coin toss, and the second things didn't go his way he got dramatic and spiraled out of control from there. He was feeling numb and was so desperate to feel something he would risk failure, and the rest of the movie is him dealing with the consequences and using alcohol to freeze time. It's more an insult to tourist than Australians. They talk about the suicide rates, but that's common anywhere you go. It's an important topic in general. Suicide is just another form of violence, and there's a lot of commentary on violence in this movie. Wake In Fright is best watched multiple times because there's many ways to interpret the movie.

luke n (nl) wrote: This film leads you to wonder who are the real savages, is it the saviour to the people who have lost their relatives to a Comanche tribe who bleeds them dry with promises to find their sons and daughters; the man who forces a Comanche to rejoin white society against his will; the gossips who reject a young woman for her past life as a Comanche woman; or the Comanche tribesmen themselves with their primitive habits, a language of grunts and their treatment of women. Not a clear cut Western by a long shot.

Calvin C (au) wrote: For a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, this is the darkest of the bunch. Their musicals have always dealt with serious subject matter, but I think domestic violence takes the cake. Ironically, the movie has one of the best scores and some great songs. I just couldn't get into the main character. I understand that he was a bum, but for Shirley Jones to be married to him frustrated me as a viewer. He was nothing but bad to her so the whole coming back to Earth and making things right didn't seem deserved. It's not the most fun musical to watch despite the happy dance numbers and clam bake. Grade: C+

Alda L (de) wrote: Romantically addictive. A great love triangle of lovable characters.

evan m (de) wrote: Have it great for those who like anything with the green lantern good story

Jordan J (br) wrote: This was an ok movie. This movie was a lot better than the other Halloween sequels. The suspense wasn't really great to me. The suspense was great at the end of the movie. The theme wasn't as good as the original. Most of the horror that was used in other movies was just recycled. B-

Mark S (nl) wrote: A parody for people who thought Hot Shots and Scary Movie were comic genius. This one's just as much a satire of pop culture and America's social media obsession as it a play on Hunger Games. Besides, any movie with Diedrich Bader is guaranteed for a few hard laughs.