Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow

In a world gone mad, can compassion survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Amid the horrors of the Post-Apocalyptic south, three disparate groups of survivors must come together to save themselves as the only hope for the future. Pitted against a powerful neo-Confederate tribe and the relentless hunger of the infected, our heroes find redemption, love and hope.

Three years after the War, the United States is destroyed. Civilization has devolved into anarchy and tribalism. A soldier, Michael, finally comes home, only to find his wife murdered and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dailiesel M (nl) wrote: Amazing crazy movie,great job for this films..

Rob K (es) wrote: Thuja t()8);(&,),7123445567889010)))),),&,,,,))))))))???((;33453221(,,&&-1245)),,,)())))))

Josh B (it) wrote: These people transported in time and playing high school students was absurd. Watching a bunch of 30 year olds acting like high school students made the film come across like a play.

Alex O (fr) wrote: While Mr.Brooks delivered on its stealler premise the film lacked that all important X factor, something you cant explain its just there. Well it wasent there in this movie. So while Mr. Brooks may be a good film it will never be the great movie it could have been with better direction. Boasts one of William Hurts greatest performaces in a losing effort.

Jessyca F (nl) wrote: I know this is a very very poor review, but all I have to say is: very freaking intense.Loved Julianne's performance

Simon D (gb) wrote: Stupid film about a black man becoming president. The fact that this happened soon after this film was made is about as far from prophetic as can be, it just showed that Chris Rock clearly overestimated American racism. I actually think that comedians who use their race as 90% of thier act are not helping matters so films like this do my head in a bit. I gave it an few extra credits for some of the common sense spoken in this otherwise silly film.

Tommy See the Treasure S (au) wrote: In the first scene of Jim Sheridan's ''In America'' we meet an Irish family of four as they attempt to cross the Canadian border into America. Before being questioned by border control the man of the family, Johnny, reminds his two young girls to sustain the pretence that they are 'on holiday,' knowing that to divulge any more information would greatly harm their chances of entrance. As Johnny is questioned at his car window by the youngest girl naively blurts out from the back seat that her 'dad's not working,' thus arousing the suspicions of the immigration officer. He knows that is not uncommon for desperate families to seek refuge in the land of opportunity. However, the officer is not a stranger to compassion. He is conspicuously charmed by the gobby little girl, and when he learns by accident that this family have recently lost a young son his official demeanour softens and he admits the family into the U.S.A. In this utterly delightful opening scene you might say that director Jim Sheridan is setting out his stall to move his audience. He wants to charm us in the same way the little girl charms the immigration officer. He wants to earn our pity and for us to sympathise with this family's plight. For the most part he succeeds in his mission. It's a very emotional movie but I hesitate to call it emotionally manipulative. The references to ET; The nostalgic view of America; The unjust death of a child etc. All these efforts to move us and make us weep are so genuine and so transparent that you do not feel manipulated. This is one of those irresistibly charming movies that you just surrender yourself to. Of course it also helps when you have two of the greatest living performers in the lead roles. Paddy Considine is excellent as the head of the household, Johnny. Johnny is a likeable and sympathetic character who is struggling in his career as an actor, but would do anything for his family. Since the death of his son he sees himself as a hollow shell of his former self but in key moments he proves his worth. In one great scene he somehow acquires the Herculean strength to haul an air conditioner through the streets of New York and up the stairs to his top-storey flat, only to realize that the plug does not fit into the outlet. Likewise the ever-reliable Samantha Morton is great as Sarah, who is dealing with the loss of her son in a very different way. She wears a smile and is exasperated by Johnny's lack of emotion, but deep down is still suffering from guilt and sadness over the recent tragedy. The child actresses(real life sisters Sarah and Emma Bolger) are also very natural screen presences. One of the main story threads involves these two girls, Christy and Ariel, befriending an enigmatic neighbour named Mateo(Djimon Hounsou),who despite having an angry 'keep out' notice on his door, is soon revealed to be a kind-hearted artist and mystic. The story is almost Dickension in its mix of toughness and unabashed sentimentality. Yet although it has a very soft heart and a fantastical air, it is also very observant in its portrayal of a family's struggle to adapt to a foreign country. As well as the obvious financial throes, this Irish immigrant family faces challenges ranging from social class distinctions to the unfamiliar heat waves of New York. The way the death of a small child hangs over events adds an extra layer of melancholy to their struggles. But while the movie does not shy away from grim realities it maintains a sense of childlike, spiritual wonder throughout. Among other things it's a hymn to childhood imagination, which has the ability to transform a run-down apartment building into a haunted house. Sheridan masterfully links the elements of folklore with kitchen sink realism. It is as much about the powers of the human spirit as it is about the down-to-earth throes of a penniless family. To nitpick a little I did feel like the final act was perhaps a teeny-tiny bit overwrought. All in all, though, this very heart-warming and well-acted movie certainly won me over.

Scott M (it) wrote: Where has this little gem been my whole life.

Leighton T (ag) wrote: As tragic as the real-life love of Leigh and Olivier, the film seems to be an embalming of that time period in their lives, where their passion for each other translated into such great chemistry on screen, it's hard to discern what is character and what is really felt. The story is a beautiful tragedy, of those star-crossed lovers that were never meant to be. Honestly it is the love the newlyweds had for each other at the time that translated into such an honest and captivating story. Vivien Leigh is as slight and yet commanding as ever, while Olivier, with his typical character specialities (wounds from battle) creates a simple pathos we fall easily in line with. The amazing set design and cinematography add to the grandiosity of it all, and no doubt the costume design is more than just filler. Olivier and Leigh's scenes together crackle with subtle intensity, but it is a rare few scenes, such as the scene where Lady Hamilton meets Nelson's wife that make the film more than memorable just because of who is in it. Alexander Korda fashioned a fine and romantic drama, and though it's somewhat forgotten, thankfully Criterion sought it out to add it to their canon.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Rather entertaining. Ridiculous in places.