False Accusation

False Accusation


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Billa D (ca) wrote: 2013 thala blockbuster

Mark W (br) wrote: Self-Indulgent whiny crap of a movie with good actors sitting around discussing their feelings and whining about their pathetic lives ..for 2 hours ...!!!!

Renee P (gb) wrote: Please do not compare this to Kill Bill or anything Quentin Tarantino has done, just because he makes small appearances in this film does not mean it's going to be good. I understood the idea of parodying american westerns but it missed the obvious recognition of a parody. I felt as if I was losing brain cells with each minute that passed, and even though there are many parodies and comedies out there, most of the ones I like are still smart comedies and this one is not.

Richard B (ru) wrote: one of my most favorite movies

Anneli S (ca) wrote: Would have given 3 stars, but there were few roles, which seemed to be pure jokes - like Ellen DeGeneres. If some characters are believable and some not, it makes the movie really confused.

Joel A (br) wrote: A disastrously bad film made in the height of Hulk Hogan's short screen fame. His acting is woeful & the story is completely ridiculous.A space warrior sent to earth to recharge...filled with many unbelievable scenes & situations.This may appeal to younger children but it's bad...I guess it's funny to see Hulk Hogan act.

Anastasia Y (us) wrote: Pacino's acting is incomparable

Anthony H (ca) wrote: Very underrated Eastwood film really enjoyed it.

Ruth A (jp) wrote: Mario Lanza's starring film debut. He & Kathryn Grayson are very well paired. Sweet if predictable story, great singing, very colorful. Jules Munshin and Keenan Wynn are both featured in nice supporting (and funny) roles.

John M (jp) wrote: Showcases Murphy ' s undeniable, but overused talent for the one-liner. This film is funny in places, but it's also altogether too predictable, both in terms of plot and what Murphy will do with it. John Landis, too, isn't up to his usual standard. He seems to be rather more interested in the scenes as straightforward sections of story, rather than lending them any directorial panache.

Ian R (it) wrote: I thought this was a fun movie. I thought it was a great way to kind of close out the franchise. It was nice to revisit the characters and the settings after a time skip. I thought it had familiarity, but gave it a fresh feel as well. I also liked that the extra time (of a film versus a TV episode) really allowed for a story with a little more gravity. Overall, I really enjoyed the Corner Gas movie!

Riccardo R (de) wrote: Inguardabile.Nemmeno da appassionato del videogioco posso tollerare una porcheria del genere.Tra l'altro gli effetti speciali sono molto peggiori rispetto al primo capitolo.Un tentativo bislacco di monetizzare qualche spicciolo cavalcando il successo di un intramontabile picchiaduro.