False Alarms

False Alarms

The stooges are firemen who are constantly getting in trouble, they've been warned that one more incident will cost them their jobs. Curly sneaks out anyway to visit his girlfriend. She has two friends who need dates, but the only way Curly can get Moe and Larry out of the station is to pull a fire alarm. The firetruck leaves without Moe and Larry, so they steal the captains new car to make it to the call first. They manage to get Curly and get back to the station, but in doing so wreck the car and must leave on the run.

Three inept firemen try to avoid being fired by their increasingly exasperated chief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mace R (ru) wrote: A good documentary can make you at least open your mind briefly to almost any point of view, and if a Tree Falls is a good documentary. I have never aligned myself with any causes even remotely associated with hippies, as, to quote Eric Cartman "They say they want to save the Earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad". The ELF is a fascinating group, as they successfully militarized themselves, and struck severe blows against their enemies through utter destruction of property. Whether you agree with the cause or not, the documentary fully engages you to the point that your mind begins to open and you maybe reassess your world view a little bit more. Then, in a brilliant move, it shows how all actions have consequences, as the net tightens around the ELF members several years after their crimes, and you get to reassess (or return to) your train of thought again. I found myself wildly swinging in opinion from siding with the protesters, to admiring the ELF, to lamenting it's fall, to sort of returning to my original standpoint when they debate the definition of the word terrorist at the end. Th fact that the movie follows around one pretty likeable guy, and shows his highs and lows really adds a nice emotional attachment that helps the movie flow. Recommend!

Michel N (nl) wrote: A nice romantic comedy.Could have been better yet is good to watch.The cast is really good.

Jacob T (de) wrote: Can I actually go for 10 stars this movie is amazing

Kevin S (mx) wrote: typical low rated comedy

Joshua B (ca) wrote: One of the best action films ever made, worth a watch with excellent acting from Brad Pitt and Eric Bana.

Jeremy B (br) wrote: You need to watch this movie through the eye's of a child. Remember the good horror movies when you were a kid? Not the slashers, not the demonic possessions, but the lighter fare like the gate, gremlins, beetlejuice etc. This is a great movie for what it is. It leaves you to fill in a lot of blanks but that's ok. It's not meant to have some in depth meaning. It's a scary movie for kids and has some fun parts for adults too. Especially adults who remember movies like this from their childhood.

Manan I (jp) wrote: Very simplistic movie but the true appeal in this movie lies in the cast and humor they bring. Sam Rockwell makes an excellent lead and his gang of misfits all bring something unique to the table and the characters them all selves are good people but are desperate for some money. A true shows stealer in the movie is George Clooney who only has 3 scenes but manages to provide some epic laughs. If you like comedies and don't mind heist movies then you'll enjoy this one. It definitely wasn't a bad movie, it entertained and brought laughs but at the end of the day I felt there could be more added to the movie because it felt something missing. 7/10

Martin S (gb) wrote: love is complicated <3

Michael A (gb) wrote: I found this to be surprisingly funny.

Leah V (us) wrote: This was a little uncomfortable to watch...

Ma N (ag) wrote: Good kids movie... helps them learn the value of heritage and ancestry. For the mums, I'd reckon watching Brandon Routh topless while running/jogging is sort of worth the sitting....

William F (au) wrote: Colorful and fabulous.

Nicky M (ca) wrote: very colorful, amazing dance numbers but the story itself is pretty boring, very disappointing for such a classic film