Fame and the Devil

Fame and the Devil

Three men consider selling their soul to Satan in order to possess a beautiful woman.

Three men consider selling their soul to Satan in order to possess a beautiful woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geanncarlo L (nl) wrote: Most excellent film. While the first 30 minutes are slow in entering the movie's plot, the last 30 minutes take a most interesting and heartbreaking turn. If you have no idea about Sarajevo's state before, during and after its modern war, this movie will take you there. Penelope is oustanding plauing a mature leading role in this movie. Must-see film!

Pranav K (it) wrote: Slightly disappointing...not as hard-hitting as all the other Bhandarkar films. The trademark of his films is that the hero is the setting while the characters are the backdrop. Jail was still a good film but didn't live up to my expectations set by his previous eye-opening movies.

BLue B (mx) wrote: da noise keeps me noizzzzzyyyyyyyy..

Brett W (jp) wrote: If you don't like New Orleans jazz, don't see this. If you don't know if you like New Orleans jazz, then you probably should. It also sheds a little light on Woody Allens thought process and habits.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: The first half (pre-vampire breakout) was good, and could have made a neat little crime/road movie. The vampire's are unnecessary.

Laura C (us) wrote: An excellent documentary. Very detailed look at Harvey Milk the man and the politician. I felt his life was celebrated, as it should be, without setting him up to be a saint or martyr, which really could have easily been the case. A really interesting look into an especially significant period in the gay rights movement, politics in general as well as the justice system in San Francisco. Dan White, the man who shot Harvey isn't painted him as a villan nor are his actions excused and the result is an incredibly fascinating look at a mentally disturbed man, who on the surface couldn't have appeared more average. I was very impressed with the array of news footage and home videos the filmmakers uncovered. This film really made me wonder why the gay rights movement isn't part of the history curriculum, just incredibly shortsighted to exclude it.

Seth Y (jp) wrote: This is the fourth Miyazaki film I've seen, and I can easily say this is the most intense one yet. This film tackles some serious issues and is anchored by its anti-war and environmental themes. There is a certain complexity to this movie that really blew me away. I had just come off My Neighbor Totoro, so needless to say this is an entirely different experience. However, as with all his other work, I was immediately captivated by the variety of characters and the settings presented by Miyazaki. The character of Nausicaa just may be his best, although that's nearly impossible to determine. I find myself ridiculously impressed with each one of these Studio Ghibli releases. Nausica of the Valley of the Wind is just another fine example - a truly breathtaking film.