Familjen Björck

Familjen Björck

The Björcks are an ordinary middle-class family in a large Stockholm apartment with with two children, Greta and Ville. But the family's happiness is threatened in two ways: Greta prefers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (fr) wrote: Got boring at times but Robinson was great

Bart C (mx) wrote: Goed verhaal met een leuk plot. wel soms verwarrend met het aantal flash-backs...

Francesca M (ag) wrote: LOVED it. Beautiful little movie...:)))

Vahni T (gb) wrote: Got 6 words for this movie Terrifying, Intense, Suspenseful, Nerve-Wracking, Tension Builder and Thriller.Buried captures all of them perfectly with great performance from Ryan Reynolds and a very different experience from which you ever had in your life.

G S (jp) wrote: I have not seen such a bad movie for a long time. A couple that have been married for 15 years discusses their burden throughout the whole movie. No deep meaning, absolutely selfish, not even well played. Do not waste your time.

David P (ca) wrote: This is an excellent movie!

Wendi M (br) wrote: Started slow but got interesting. Some really good parts, some corny - but over-all decent.

Dorre Z (us) wrote: A waste of 1 hour and 25 minutes

Mallory H (au) wrote: This movie tells a story of what seems like a good plan. Then something goes wrong, and then something else goes wrong. And then it gets worse, and then it turns tragic. It wasn't a bad movie, just very depressing.

Well A (jp) wrote: A dupla Toni Colette e Nia Vardallos soa divertida a maior parte do tempo. S precisavam de um roteiro que lhes desse mais chances pra brilhar.

Hossein N (br) wrote: Scary but fascinating character.

Nicolas E (us) wrote: Showinig the cruelty of the bosnian war.

Chris H (it) wrote: Arguably the best Hockey movie ever made! Its a funny but gritty look at minor league Hockey.

Daisy M (nl) wrote: The story of Adele H was a true story of Adele Hugo daughter of the famous poet Victor Hugo, who was obsessively in love with an English army lieutenant who did not want her. The scene was Halifax during the American Civil War. She followed Lt. Pinson from her home on the island of Guernsey to be with him even though he had rejected her. I am not familiar with Truffaut's work, but I found this one very haunting and showed Adele's circumstances and her torment without turning into a sentimental melodrama. This movie could be described as an arty movie. But I was certainly impressed by this movie, and especially by Adjani's performance.

Ken T (es) wrote: Outstanding Chaney silent! Chaney stars as a scientist who is duped by a Baron who not only steals and takes credit for his ideas, but also nabs his wife. The Baron humiliates the scientist further by slapping him in front of his peers who in turn laugh at the poor man. The scientist takes it upon himself to become a circus clown and becomes HE - who gets slapped for audience amusement. But soon the new clown begins to fall in love again. Chaney is exceptional in the lead as HE and the direction from Swedish master Sjostrom is terrific. Norma Shearer plays Consuelo, a circus performer who attracts the attention of HE. A silent gem.

House M (ca) wrote: This flick is a reference in the genre of British gangster plots. Very original without taking short cuts as it was expected. Hoskins delivers a great performance. Not a must see but a should see.

phoebe m (au) wrote: Great film. Critics are way off!

Richard G (us) wrote: Ridley Scott has been a high-class act since Day 1 of his career as a Director. Don't believe these idiotic ratings here. This film is so brilliant in so many aspects...not to mention the Vangelis soundtrack which is out of this world! He's British, so of course Hollywood will never give his films a high rating...which kill almost everything they produce in spades! Gerard Depardieu rules in the lead role as usual throughout his storied career...shining as the Genoan visionary.