Harold is a seemingly peaceful neighbor in a quiet mid-western neighborhood, but underneath, he's a murderous psychopath who sets his eyes on a couple that have moved in across the street.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
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When Eldon and Cole pick up a hitchhiker, Jean on their father-son trip to find perspective on the back roads of America, they quickly learn that everything is not what it seems. As the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (ag) wrote: the vicious brothers definitely brought more to the table and if they werent so lazy and directed it themselves it would have not been as empty and annoying as it was and dont forget cheesy special effects. Im not gona lie and say I didnt jump a few times, they belonged to the clips from the FIRST MOVIE. I also not gonna lie and say I laughed a few times and totally saw some scares coming like one of the them falling out the widow which would have been better if he was pushed right as soon as he was near it and looking down the hall for Tessa. But the oh-so-original "getting dragged into the darkness" is dead and done and this movie will forever make you dread for it to ever appear again in a movie as it doesnt show anything or make u cringe.REALLY? Youre gonna try to be like Chronicle annd do the whole floating camera stunt. It doesnt work. It only worked for Chronicle because it did it once! i get it brings a clearer screen for the tough parts but it wasnt need for many of the scenes. Tried to do the REC 2 act of bringing the main character back which was nice but was as the other characters... annoying. Half the time I wanted to slap that girl and Alex for being stupid and doing the things, which from people who such HUGE Horror buffs, that'd get u killed in real life. In fact, the ending pretty much sums up how d-bag Alex is and just pisses you off. Never thought I'd never say this, Grave Encounters 1 was better. If only The Vicious Brothers did this themselves and not do an alien movie, which I've heard it not gonna be good at all and be very generic when it comes to Alien films, and maybe they could have outdone themselves and made a high point in their not-so respected careers. I mean Thermal camera idea was good and the best part of the movie and the emails and around the door camera thing like they channeled the matrix completely on that. overall, annoying characters don't work if u don't make them likable and no matter what you add to a crappy car, no matter how much u spend money or time, it will always be a crappy car. C- is my final grade as it actually a good attempt and it polished by at least one horror screenwriiter with good credentials, would challenge films similar like PA, TBW, or the GOD OF THE ALL, REC... Just no cigar.

Margarita S (ru) wrote: A charming and sentimental love story. What it lacks in sophistication with its element of time travel, it makes up for in likeable characters, subtle humour and gentle thematic messaging. Its divergence from the expected romantic-comedy formula is initially a little strange and potentially off-putting, but ultimately turns out to be a refreshing change. You'll need a box of Kleenex for this one.

Karl R (jp) wrote: Loved it, for a country that is so small he really rallied others to assist in this race against climate change.

Lisa J (fr) wrote: Not very scary. Just ok.

Isaac M (it) wrote: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karsh D (es) wrote: Twister without a budget - it has two things though which Twister didn't - Bruce Campbell and Ernie Hudson - Legends!!

Skyler B (gb) wrote: 67% on RT? This movie is so deplorable. It is simply awful. All of these characters do nothing but piss me off. All the girls are sick and need to be put away, and David Boreanaz is just as guilty of being a horrible human being. Where is the entertainment value in a movie populated with nothing but gross human beings? I mean, I guess you see some T&A from time to time as the film goes on. But to what end? Empty T&A is overly empty.

Greg W (fr) wrote: hmm ty flixter kept the stars but not the review

Branham N (jp) wrote: As a kid I still didn't like it.


Johnathon W (ru) wrote: Solid sequel to the horror classic that falls apart a bit in the third act but still a worthy addition to the franchise. The returning cast continue their fine work from the first film, with Ashley Laurence giving Kirsty the same intelligence & bravery that makes her one of the best heroines of the genre while Clair Higgins relishes getting to play Julia as a full on villain this time. The standout, of course, is the great Doug Bradley (finally credited as Pinhead) who establishes his character as one of movies great monsters. He gets a nice run for his money, though, with Kenneth Cranham in his chilling performance as Dr. Channard (his line "To think, I hesitated" is one of the creepiest of the series). Behind the camera, director Tony Randel does a good job expanding the universe (the fact the Cenobites were once human & they're are rules to Hell are a nice touch) but it isn't completely realized (Hell is just a maze with a bunch of empty hallways). The final act ignores many of the rules previously established & the Cenobites get short-changed. Overall, a very good horror film and solid sequel to the classic original.

john c (kr) wrote: well worth watching, good acting and plot

Sherry R (us) wrote: Loved this movie and Julian was awesome.

Jonathan P (es) wrote: Basic is you basic twist and turn surprise ending flick. While nothing is great Basic is done well enough that it keeps you interested and even though it felt like one twist to many it had a pretty fun ending. Travolta is at his best and gives a great performance while Jackson lags a bit behind. The two together in Pulp Fiction was perfection here they share the screen for a few seconds but the magic is not there. Basic is good and will entertain but isn't a classic.

Kate H (fr) wrote: romance, comedy and action nicely bundled into a movie. it didn't feel overdone or underwhelming. it wasn't forced and there wasn't some convoluted, half baked plot. I liked it. this is probably one of my "go-to" movies if u see it on cable.

Lisa J (ca) wrote: Not good. Quite boring.

Christopher C (mx) wrote: This one is not suitable for children and reminds me of the Mists of Avalon. Alot of twists. One thing compelling was it left me thinking about the plot for awhile.