Family Business

Family Business

Jessie is an aging career criminal who has been in more jails, fights, schemes, and lineups than just about anyone else. His son Vito, while currently on the straight and narrow, has had a fairly shady past and is indeed no stranger to illegal activity. They both have great hope for Adam, Vito's son and Jessie's grandson, who is bright, good-looking, and without a criminal past.

Jessie is an ageing career criminal who has been in more jails, fights, schemes, and lineups than just about anyone else. His son Vito, while currently on the straight and narrow, has had a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine S (us) wrote: Interesting when you think about the film under the surface. Life slows down, and thoughts begin to fold inward; much like the music works of philip glass or even Brian Eno. There's a certain buzzing tension that leaves you feeling uneasy; but that's the point. The film forces you to stop and think for a second, or to clear your head and not think at all.

Shannon P (kr) wrote: good action film about kids rescuing their fathers

Maria M (us) wrote: It's a cute rom-com featuring an older sister who takes care of her younger sister (who is deaf) and meets a guy who knows sign language. While it's quite dumb that she never spoke a word just because he didn't ask, it's a necessary twist to make the story a little more exciting. The rest of the movie follows the usual romance-conflict-reconciliation pattern. But all in all, it's still cute.

Chris C (au) wrote: This must be one of my favourite foreign films; charming, witty and even insightful dialogue, and entertaining direction that makes you laugh and weep, hopefully in the right order.

David H (ca) wrote: This movie passed the "Anne" test. Jessica Lange plays Arvilla, a woman who has just returned from Borneo with her husband's ashes. What do I do now? Of course she does not lack for friends and family who tell her what she must do. Her step-daughter is determined to bury her father's ashes next to her mother. Arvilla's friend encourages her to follow her heart. Along with her friends Arvilla takes a road trip from Pocatello, Idaho to Santa Barbara, CA. Memories that make life worth living help Arvilla make a decision.The movie is very funny, but in the end the trip these three women take in Arvilla's vintage '66 Pontiac Bonneville could best be described as the journey of a lifetime.

Jonas C (ca) wrote: Amigos sessao de fim de semana! The best movie ever!!!

Julian D (br) wrote: Booooooooooring... !! Le titre francais "L'escalier interdit" laisserait imaginer un film avec quelque mystere. Et non, rien du tout!

Marcus W (fr) wrote: Fritz Lang does a B-movie.

KL L (ag) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie because of the message I got from it. To me it had a special meaning and after viewing it the second time it spoke to me more in a positive way.Not as a horror flick.

Alice S (nl) wrote: Zach Braff's crowd-funded sophomore effort received a lot of flack for its privileged genesis, its grammatically incorrect pseudo-clever title, and its oblique trailer full of indie-pretentious images that drew inevitable comparisons to Braff's polarizing "Garden State." However, I was pleasantly surprised that "Wish I Was Here" is NOT just a continuation of Andrew Largeman's ennui-driven love story. The movie is a realistic and funny treatment of early Millennial adulthood and its responsibilities of unruly kids, libido-less spouses, estranged siblings, and reconnecting with once tyrannical and now dying parents. Aidan Bloom is a dopey suburban dad who has to homeschool his kids after his father defaults on their yeshiva tuition due to exorbitant medical bills. Aidan's brand of guerilla life lesson is random and uplifting but not in a way that insists upon itself. The local color of Los Angeles is quirky and moving with the disparate cultures of "Yom Kippur Jews," audition-circuit actors, and furry cosplayers. Brown Bear Donald Faison also cameos in an irreverent little misunderstanding that blends the cancer motif with the sheitel (wig) motif of Orthodox Judaism.The kid actors are adorable: Joey King is a sweet, bright-eyed innocent, and Pierce Gagnon is as hilariously foulmouthed in this as he was creepy in "Looper." Kate Hudson is nicely glam-glum as the working mom who lost track of her dreams, but her character tips into "long-suffering-wife" territory with no true motivation or credit. When her erstwhile disapproving father-in-law gives her the rare compliment that she has the power to be a great matriarch someday, she counters, "I already am a great matriarch." She should have just stopped there instead of negating her power with, "Well, I'm trying anyway."The reconciliation plot between father and sons is a bit cloying and sentimental, but on the whole, the movie is joyful, especially the end montage of little happinesses experienced in the moment before daughter Grace resurfaces from her first purifying foray into the water. I wouldn't say it's better than "Garden State" as a whole though. Despite the predecessor's reliance on the hipster atmospheric aesthetic, it really WAS the height of the mid-aughts' affected yet affecting quarter-life crisis movie - with its non sequitur humor, indie soundtrack, and tap-dancing Natalie Portman at her most heart-swelling. "Wish I Was Here" is beautifully nostalgic for the present, but it doesn't seem to commit hard enough.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Powerfully emotional and tearjerking, Set It Off delivers a formulaic but terrific narrative that leads to its heartbreaking conclusion due the film's exceptional female cast

Alan V (ru) wrote: Fantastic little film about growing up working class.

Rebekah L (nl) wrote: Rob Lowe is one of the worst actors in the world, not convincing at all, compared with Spader who make him look bad, he actually carries the whole movie. If youre bored than watch it other wise pass