Family Demons

Family Demons

When an abused teenage girl murders her alcoholic mother, the mother's vengeful spirit returns to haunt her. Even in death, the mother is hell bent on denying her daughter her freedom.

When an abused teenage girl murders her alcoholic mother, the mother's vengeful spirit returns to haunt her. Even in death, the mother is hell bent on denying her daughter her freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Family Demons torrent reviews

Curly M (mx) wrote: Sleeper kung Fu flick. Check it out.

Chelsea M (ag) wrote: A truly different love story! Loved the movie and the music! Have watched it over 10 times in a week

Nathan H (ru) wrote: This film, along with "Guerrilla: The Taking of Patti Hearst" and "The Weather Underground," forms a sort of trilogy that is not only helpful, but necessary, in understanding America's turbulent '60s and '70s, and the violent, shocking home-grown revolution that quaked just beneath society's surface.This is the weakest of the three films, as it fails to capture any single compelling subject, instead taking a more broad and global approach to the material, but still compelling nonetheless.

Eslam A (nl) wrote: The best romantic film in the world really really i love it :) ... just wa7shny awe

Dina B (ag) wrote: Beautiful.. Amazing storyline and powerful performances by the whole cast not forgetting to mention the great direction..Heart wrenching yet inspiring story of a young man struggling to gain his cruel father's approval or at least attention.. Based on true events of the life of Australian swimmer Tony Fingleton, this is a rather good watch. It's a shame it got discarded the way it did, barely having a theatrical run in most countries..

Justin A (mx) wrote: An entire movie that is centered on Elvira's... um... lovely assets. I want to rate it lower because it drags a bit in the middle, but I just can't hate a movie that focuses so much on her... uh... talents. The tassel dance at the end is probably the best resolution to any movie... ever. I hope this movie won a SAG award for best supporting cast (look, two boob puns in one sentence! Boo-yah!). In all seriousness, this would probably have been a much more memorable cult classic if the running time was trimmed. Definitely recommended for fans of b-movies or Elvira or cleavage. I am, so I enjoyed it.

bill s (de) wrote: Grows on you,,,,not for long but nice little remake.

Jack Y (gb) wrote: There are big names here, from Young to Marvin and Burton, and even Paluzzi with a southern accent. The white community may nd the sight of O. J. Simpson (sans Manolo Blahniks) as a cold-hearted killer somewhat poetic. But this is a patchy drama that had the potential to be so much more. Word has it that Paramount tinkered with the script so much the writer buggered off and wanted nothing more to do with it. Lee Marvin wanted to do the same but the studio waved his signed contract in front of his face. And the tinkering showsbadlyand even the score seems to creep up at the most unexpected times. One of Terence Youngs worst, and thats a pity.

Kok Hoong F (ca) wrote: viewed on 9/7/04 (Fri)Truth is I want to see the lengendary Marilyn Monroe. Truth is I would say she is cute rather than sexy. She plays a model who is as blind as a bat yet foolishly thinks that all men don't like girls with glasses. She reads a book upside down, walks into wall and she even has to ask her girlfriends how her date looks like. She may not have a meaty role but she is sure the funniest. The story is predictable as a love comedy. Three girls want to marry a rich men but eventually cannot defy their hearts and marry men who touch them. Turns out one of them is so filthy rich that the three girls faint at the sight of his bundle of big notes. I think love comedies like this one have become extinct. Unlike many contemporary love comedies which are fast-paced, the old classics do it with much elegance and very innocently sweet humour.Rating: B

Letitia L (gb) wrote: Made-for-Halloween movie with weak plot and many slow moments but at least provides a great and easy new costume option for women haha.

David S (us) wrote: Tense little Korean War drama about a group of men trying to find its way back to their division through enemy territory. The pace and situations of the movie reminded me somewhat of Clouzot's Wages of Fear, although that one was much more about keeping the tension high throughout, while this also took time to develop some relationships. For the most part, though, those are the least successful parts of the movie.

Cindy (ru) wrote: this movie rocks!! i love it^^

David M (fr) wrote: Best animated movie ever. Buzz and Woody are the perfect dynamic duo.

Ariel F (us) wrote: God this movie is so great.