Family Hero

Family Hero

A story of a cabaret in Nice called "Le perroquet bleu" ("The blue parrot"). The innkeeper, Gabriel, dies at the beginning of the movie and leave his business to his godchildren : Nino and Marianne, whom father had been taken under Gabriel's wing when he was fifteen years old. After the reading of the will, the fate of "The Blue Parrot" is in their hands.

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NintendoPlayer (jp) wrote: Not worth watching, even for horror/thriller fans.

Troy K (fr) wrote: I could be considered a Statham fan and watch pretty much everything he makes...this one is foul on so many levels...skip it if you can.

Simon L (nl) wrote: Action on a budget does not always mean shoddy film as Dolph Lundgren has once again proved in this film, co starring Dolph and directed by him aswell this is well worth checking out, some great action sequences make up for this B-movie. Avoid Diamond Dogs and check this out.

TJ C (au) wrote: Sadly, not a film on Jamie's blog. One star. Booooo.

I am A (ca) wrote: Well this was terrible.

Nile M (kr) wrote: I was very surprised to find this movie on DVD, seeing as I'd been looking for it on video for 17 years! and this classic is as good as I remember. Very nostalgic, this low-budget satire is a must-see for any fan of the rock n' roll music movie genre.

Rob B (kr) wrote: While this is a made for TV film it is still a McQueen performance worth seeing. It is all the more haunting because McQueen was dying at the time the movie was filmed.

John M (kr) wrote: A mesmerizing, starkly beautiful and deeply unnerving picture. This was my first pink film and the genre apparently has more to offer than I'd expected.

John M (mx) wrote: "Macabro" is a very strange film and quite disturbing which is the theatrical debut of Lamberto Bava.This film isn't gory, it is all about the athmosphere and creepy mood and though it has a slow pacing it keep you interested and it never turns boring.

Colin W (kr) wrote: One of Welles' great movies and the weirdest one he ever made.

Barry T (kr) wrote: Half a good film then half a load of old tosh. Bacon is worth more than this. Its a story of a son of a family killed and a father after vengence.

Girlie A (jp) wrote: Love is fucked up. It is confusing and it's terrifying and it's painful. It sucks. But I'm looking at you right now and I wanna risk it. I know it could be a mistake, I know we can make each other miserable but even if we had the slightest chance of being that one time, I'm willing to regret you for the rest of my life.

Hobie P (gb) wrote: Kinda like Slumber Party Massacre rip off but I had fun anyway.