Family Pack

Family Pack

July 1969 . After two years spent in Canada, Sacha is back in her small Belgian town. She has two disturbing news to break to her family : the first one is that instead of being married - ...

July 1969 . After two years spent in Canada, Sacha is back in her small Belgian town. She has two disturbing news to break to her family : the first one is that instead of being married - ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rafael S (mx) wrote: s os franceses para tornar a traio quase como algo simples

Camille K (it) wrote: What happens when a master of cinema meets a master of rock ? Shine a light ! Very entertaining and witty if you like the Stones, interesting anyway for others.

Steve H (au) wrote: A flawed but undeniably moving drama with strong performances by John Cusack and the two girls who play his daughters. It also features a gorgeous score by one Clint Eastwood. My main gripe was writer James C. Strouse's amateurish direction and the flat cinematography, which made the whole thing look like a cheapo TV movie. Still, it'll have you in tears by the end.

Kevin L (gb) wrote: I like kate beckinsale

Gabe C (ru) wrote: It SD just.v bayiou r sa

Brian V (us) wrote: The overly clever twist at the end of the film can hardly redeem the initial hour and a half of tedious whining about the trials of married life. The film attempts to be profound, but ends up merely farcical.

Nandan T (gb) wrote: A bit action-packed, but enjoyable nonetheless. Recommended!

Lady of the Minnesota Mounts (gb) wrote: WHERE WAS THE DRAGON!? I prefer the TV serious over this movie.

Joel C (au) wrote: I don't care what anyone says, this movie is my 2nd favourite Friday The 13th movie it's got good kills, good gore, high body count and yeah so what if we don't see much of Jason, I love the idea that he gets blown up and his spirit goes around possessing people, so I'm gonna give this movie 2 thumbs up and 5 stars! :)

Jacqueline A (es) wrote: I saw this movie years ago and liked it.

Rob S (gb) wrote: Although I didn't LOVE the film, I honestly wanted more of it when it was over; Fast Times is a good coming of age movie with its own quirky tone that sets it aside from films like Dazed and Confused or American Graffiti.One main difference between this film and the others mentioned is that this film covers an entire school year while Dazed and Confused and American Graffiti deal with the events in a town over the course of one day. The time flies by in this film as the editing uses hard cuts to transition to scenes which occur weeks or months later.Comedy comes from all types of characters in this film, making it a great deal of fun. One of the funniest moments in the film is a famous one which I had no idea was a fantasy scene - Brad Hamilton imagines his sister's friend taking off her top and walking towards him. She catches him in the act, and it makes for a very awkward situation.Even the serious characters, like Mr. Hand, bring life to the story. His interactions with Sean Penn's character are like separate quirky battles between the two of them.I don't really get why Sean Penn is billed first in the credits - the main characters, at least in my eyes, are Stacy Hamilton and "Rat." However, I do have to admit parts with Sean Penn are some of the funniest in the movie, though Penn seems to overdo the stoner voice. The ending of the film was one of the best Sean Penn parts of the movie, which I will not reveal since it is a great moment which becomes a big payoff for a particular character.Overall, the film is funny, light-hearted, and while there are many elements to the movie it goes by in a flash, just like the title states; it truly is the perfect title for the film.

Brian C (br) wrote: Fun slasher following all of the tropes of slasher movies of its time. Nothing original at all except for the nonsensical twists. There was some potential here, but sadly this movie just didn't come together.

Spookie M (gb) wrote: Early black action directed by Ossie Davis. Fast, funny and has Redd Foxx in a small role.