Family Plan

Family Plan

A bumbling guy takes a group of orphans to summer camp.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:greed,   orphan,   sequel,  

After death of a man who managed summer camp for kids, his son-in-law plans to close it and build a luxury summer resort. However, manager's friend, Harry has an idea how to save the children's camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert M (it) wrote: Your brain will cave in and madness will ensue at how incredibly bad this movie is.

Simone S (au) wrote: Dildos and sex and fabulous boys, oh my! DO NOT let (your) kids who are under the age of 18 in the room when you watch this. There's sexual phrases, situations, or just plain sex in nearly every scene. All that aside, the boys are cute and relatable, and just want to be loved. The script is hilarious, no doubt about it, and the romance is to squeal for. As long as you're no squeamish or homophobic, you should eat this movie right up. It's not top notch, but most of the best movies aren't ;)

Faisal F (kr) wrote: Agak heran juga melihat pemain-pemain Latin sperti Kuno Becker dan Jay Hernandez main di film yang seharusnya dimainkan oleh aktor2 Kazakhtan asli, Apa Sang sutradara kurang pede Atau Faktor kurang menjual Film "Epik" ini ya?. Mansur(Kuno Becker) adalah seorang yang telah diramalkan akan menjadi Nomad yang akan mempersatukan seluruh bangsa Kazakh dan melawan penjajahan bangsa Mongol bersama sahabatnya Erali(Jay Hernandez) bahu-membahu mereka mengusir bangsa Jungars tersebut, walau akhirnya persahabatan mereka sempat terkoyak karena mereka mencintai wanita yang sama. Btw di film ini juga maen aktor2 B-Movie seperti Mark Dacascos dan Jason Scott Lee.

Justin D (nl) wrote: When i first saw this movie when it came out back in 2000 I was 12 and I did like it then but now that I'm 24 i think this movie just sucks no real storyline crappy kung fu bad cgi and so on. Bottom line good kid movie but that's it

Reese J (ca) wrote: My 14 year old self couldn't see this movie enough times. Thankfully now, I know better. It's still fun to watch/laugh at, but as far as movies go it's better than the average teen drama.

Jonathan C (it) wrote: The gold standard for all "tough principal turns around a failing and chaotic high school" movies, it manages to succeed due to the superb performance of Morgan Freeman and has more heart than others in it's genre.

Aniruddh S (gb) wrote: Ray's adaptation of Tagore's 'Noshto Need' - one of his less talked-about movies.. but classic Ray never the less.. as usual his thoughtfully conceived visuals speak more than the dialogue.. quiet yet strong statements on desire, on trust, on ethics in love and life in general..

jake (nl) wrote: One of elvi;s best movies plus great soudtack!

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Lots of southern cliches but any movie that has Christina Ricci in it half naked (and more) chained up for more than 30% of the running time is going to be a good time every time. Has a decent message even if it is shoved right up into your face. But yeah Christina Ricci gives it her all and she hasn't looked so fine since Buffalo '66 or The Opposite of Sex. A bit too polished looking for a movie that tries to be dirty. Then again Black Snake Moan isn't just the name of a song that Samuel L. Jackson plays, and we all knew that from the poster and basic plot of the movie. Worth a look but know what you're getting yourself into before seeing it. It may offend your sensibilities. I found it to be significantly better than expected.

Dan N (gb) wrote: Superb. How the hell can you make a film about an interview gripping, emotional and fantastic I hear you ask... Answer - watch this film!

Philip W (de) wrote: A emotional and striking view on one of the turning points in the civil rights movements, Selma provides us with a detailed look on some of MLK's most inspirational and moving speeches. While David Oyelowo does a great job of portraying Dr. King with seemingly raw emotion and energy, this film loses points as it doesn't do a great or fully accurate job of showing the relation between King and President Johnson, over dramatizing it for the sake of the film. Non the less, Selma shines at multiple points and is very comparable to some of the events regarding Black Life's Matter today.