Family Secrets

Family Secrets

Autumn 1978 in suburban Sweden. Everything seems to be fine with the middle class Bendrick family with their two teenage children and a younger son, until the mother starts seeing her first love again after 20 years. Just like their badly built house, the family façade starts slowly crumbling into pieces. The daughter, 15, finds her first love, and the boys too are puzzled by their own questions around adolescence and sexuality. The father tries to keep up a happy face, while the youngest son is the first and the most sensitive to realize how the family is heading towards a disaster.

Autumn 1978 in suburban Sweden. Everything seems to be fine with the middle class Bendrick family with their two teenage children and a younger son, until the mother starts seeing her first... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (kr) wrote: Amazing experience at the cinema, not that great on DVD. Loki stole the show, but Chris Eccleston was a bit one-dimensional as the baddie.

Mike M (fr) wrote: As a classical rookie, I couldn't say for sure whether it's as comprehensive as it often seems, but this is unquestionably a learned yet accessible film, allowing itself plenty of time to give both major and minor works an airing, while regularly unearthing fun biographical titbits.

amelia b (us) wrote: Hysterical and totally surprising!

q o (gb) wrote: i liked the first story very much. interesting way of presentation for the second one, but i almost fell asleep because there was no dialogue and i couldn't really understand the old chinese words. i didn't really get the last one either because my DVD had no subtitles and they were mumbling a lot, but shu qi was super hot. ;) overall an interesting look at love in 3 different periods, beautiful and well filmed.

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Carolyn G (ca) wrote: Not perfect but a sweet, unassuming little story about friends and first loves. Chris O'Donnell is adorable here but I wasn't fond of the bad brogue. This is definitely where I fell in woman-love w/ Minnie Driver and to this day, still feel she can do no wrong!

kyo 9 (de) wrote: a very nice plot and acting..a good friend never betray his mates..even at the very end when he knew that if he didn't do something, others might destroy them both..

Trey M (it) wrote: A great film, but I seen better. The movie shows great character building. Personally I did not like the ending, but that's only my opinion I highly recommend this movie only if you love foreign cultures or Japan in general.

Archie G (es) wrote: Cheeky, spicy and flamboyant! Keep it up and I might give them some blazing sandals.

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Paul C (it) wrote: Very different from the other Argento's that I'd seen - but in a good way - a lot more elegant too, if that makes any sense. I'd definitely say it was up there with some of the best Hitchcock films from the 60s and is well worth watching. Some really creepy moments - especially the killings and the graveyard scenes and the music is, of course, exceptional being Ennio Morricone. Keeps you guessing and wrong-foots you as to who the killer is right until the last 10 minutes too.

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Chad C (ru) wrote: My most absolute favorite vampire movie.