Family Sins

Family Sins

Based on the true story of the Burt family who seemed normal, upstanding members of the community but were actually deeply embedded in crime. The matriarch took in foster children who were subsequently molested and abused by her husband and children and she kept a woman enslaved and imprisoned in the basement for over twenty years until the woman's daughter managed to get to Rhode Island Attorney General David Morwitz and expose the horrors taking place in the Burt household.

A seemingly respectable pillar of the community hides sickening secrets within the walls of her family home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard B (de) wrote: I really liked this little independent film. It was pretty quirky and had some tremendous performances and was really impressed with Seth Rogen in serious and subtle role; Michelle Williams is amazing as almost always and she nails this role. I liked the music choices and really liked how the film was shot and liked the montage towards the end of the film. Overall I really liked this funny, sincere, and serious film and I was glad I finally got around to seeing it.

Eric N (fr) wrote: A combo of oldschool John Woo/HK action and post-Infernal Affairs crime drama. Cool story with loads of characters. Bigtime production values. Alternately heart-pumping / boring. It could have been shorter. The middle third of the movie was slow and depressing.

Eric C (au) wrote: "Mr Diamond - big fan of your music"

Yuri B (fr) wrote: Quite honestly... this movie will have you saying "HOLY S***"!

Rob C (jp) wrote: I loved this. Worthy of some Oscars.

Chris K (fr) wrote: Cold blooded killa! Unfortunately this movie will do more harm then good. People will watch it, think this is bad idea, wake up tomorrow and get the Starbucks and go to work and forget about it. When they are reminded about issues like this they will be a little more desensitized about it and will likely shrug their shoulders in any conversations saying, "Nothing I can do about it". And then go to Walmart to pick up some goods from China thinking about how depressed their lives are because their car is 5 years old and their neighbor just bought a new one. Then go home alone to their relatives cause nobody in the house knows each other, log into Facebook, and watch some stupid cat video before calling it a night.

Charles Austin M (us) wrote: Yes, it's funny, irreverent, even charming at times, but Kung Fu Hustle's novelty is spent in the first half of the film. The remainder is rather torturously drawn out and monotonous.

SirChas m (fr) wrote: A great cast with average results makes this movie redundant after 1986's Manhunter.

Anne F (nl) wrote: This was a very mixed up mixture of crime, romance, comedy that was watchable without being good.

Morpheus O (it) wrote: I am unpleasantly surprised at how much I did not like this film. I heard so many good things about it, including from those who pride themselves on being a `Master Critique` of films of & from many genres, including, & perhaps in particularly, anime & Japanimation specifically...One of the things that I'd heard was that this film was better than the original! They said that the story was better, more suspenseful, more violent, blah blah blah, blah... What a crock of shit that is!Granted, it's been a few years since I've seen the original & I'd love to see again. But, this movie was hardly even half decent, even not in, reasonable, comparison to the original. At all. To put them side by side & compare them head to head would be a joke!The plot was fairly mediocre. Not terrible but, nothing to write home about, either. And by being mediocre, by definition, that does rather mean that it was, at least somewhat, lame. The animation was, undeniably, the best thing about this film...and it was good. But, if that's the best thing one can say about an animated film, then, the film sucks! Some of the action scenes were good, too. D was his ever quiet normal self; so, nothing new...but, it's not like they went & changed anything, which is good and bad, honestly. The other, all supporting, characters, while none of the characters from the previous film were carried over, were just filler. Again. Lame. But, not particularly terrible.D is offered $10 million to find the daughter of the wealthy businessman. But, turns it down...for $20 million and that's the amount he is hired for...And the trailer/video clip for this not for the film at all! It's for the Playstation console game. Duh.The four or five things that I didn't like, at all, about this film were, almost entirely, near the end. Great way to end a film...1. The "Left Hand" character in the first film was sardonic and cynical. He was annoying at times, but, at least he had a sense of humor and he was funny. And when he chewed D's ear off it was usually for his own good; such as when he got his ass kicked & he needed to move it along! Not that this version wasn't funny at all. But, this version of the character was really just a whinier version of Eric Cartman from South Park... 2. Meier was dead! His face, & perhaps his entire torso, were sliced into two pieces... There is no reasonable explanation for why he was brought back to life. So, why did they do it?! Clearly, it was the romantic, cheesy, horse-shit...3. Whether Charlotte was bit by Meier or by Camilla, although it is rather obvious that she was bit by Camilla & that she was hallucinating when she imagined being bit by Meier, isn't really the point. Her blood wasn't drained. She was bit and she was supposed to become a vampire.Period. Point. Blank.She, apparently, suffered no injuries. So, why, & how, did she die?? Clearly, how does not matter at all; why they did this increase the sorrow & despair of the romantic, cheesy, horse-shit...4. Correct me if I am wrong, but, the ring wasn't mentioned before that moment, the significance of it being Charlotte's ring, when D picked it. So, he uses the ring as proof, to her family, that she is dead, when presenting the ring to her family doesn't prove that she is dead, so that Meier can go off into space and become a necrophiliac vampire with her corpse! Wow. Yea, that's love...More romantic, cheesy, horse-shit...5. The character of Leila is an idiot. She should've plugged Meier through the skull with her cannon. Clearly, not doing that, & then later rooting for him to clear the crashing debris of the crumbling castle, in the spaceship...with the corpse of his dead (NOT undead; dead!!) girlfriend, is more romantic, cheesy, horse-shit!It seems, blisteringly, apparent that this Vampire Hunter D film was made for the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel retards...Maybe it's just two things that I didn't like...1. Poor character development. 2. And a really shitty story!