Family Viewing

Family Viewing

An emotionally constrained view of the displacement of human feelings in our video saturated society. Van regularly visits his grandmother in a run-down nursing home. His father depends on phone sex for guidance meanwhile erasing family homevideos of happier times with homemade pornography. Will Van rescue his grandmother and memories of his mother in time?

Van's father, Stan, is fond of video, always taping scenes of daily family life. But he does not take care of Van's grandmother, Armen. Although he could afford having her at home, she is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra K (ag) wrote: Wow! It was better than "Nisos 1" I really liked it! I was laughing all the time! Amazing! Bravo! Sandra K.

Jos Manuel C (it) wrote: Nice attempt for a faith and reason discussion but it fell short.

Andy C (us) wrote: A political thriller without the thriller part. Although Robert Redford is beginning to resemble a dancing zombie.

Emmanuel S (mx) wrote: In the pantheon of Adam Sandler snack food movies, 'Blended' is the barely palatable romantic comedy equivalent of pork rinds.

Hilary D (es) wrote: Really good IMAX, loved learning about the history of greece and such really cool learning about past civilizations.

Bruno D (au) wrote: Signs is a really well put together film about a family that lives on a farm who discover crop circles on their land. This has some very good build up and tension sprinkled throughout. Also the performances are really great from the 2 main characters. The good old days when Mel Gibson was regarded as one of the best actors in hollywood and movies like these show you why. overall 4/5

a (de) wrote: Soundtrack by Einstrzende Neubauten?! Say no more...

Adam P (es) wrote: An unusual dysfunctional family drama with some lyrical qualities and constant plot turns to keep things interesting.