• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fango 2012 full movies, Fango torrents movie

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Kjetil H (nl) wrote: Satan,dette var tung materie.Finnland anno 1595.Storyen her finner sted langt faen i vold ute i middel of nowhere.Her er det en sauna med magic power,en gjeng delagte krigs veteraner og en by full av ,ja hva er de egentlig de innbyggerene???? Totalt uforstelig,men vakker se p.Jeezzez hva er det med disse finnene!?! KUL FILM

Siv B (au) wrote: S drlig at den var vittig ... :) :) Simone likte den. Ho elske jo dinosaurar d :)

Maisam M (au) wrote: Poor movie i do have seen around, it was filmed in brighton.. so tht was pretty nice seeing..

Molly B (au) wrote: So cute... I loved it. It's hard to find decent lesbian films, but this one was really cute. Oddly enough, I actually saw the stage version of their show several years ago in Hollywood. I liked it then, too.

Sage H (mx) wrote: Another Clint mystery thrillers, but it definitely was not his best. It could have offered more but it tried its best to work with what it had. Great for fans but others may not find it up to par with some of his other notable films.

Billy P (au) wrote: An excellent film, intelligent and wonderful atmosphere, good dialogues and superb acting cast.

Naische F (ag) wrote: A great story ruined by appaling direction and script but saved by wonderful acting performances. This was David Duchovny's big movie-lead break following TV's 'The X-Files'. He plays a doctor who now works for criminals as his license was revoked while being too high while performing medical procedures. Timothy Hutton is wonderful as the main villain, really relishing and giving us a fun performance. Angelina Jolie also does her thing and looks very good (much before the days of the plastic surgeon). We also get to see the highly underrated Sweedish actor Peter Stormare in an early role. I was reminded a lot of a 1980s action movie with great car chases. Too bad we were not rewarded with a final hand-to-hand fight between Hutton and Duchovny...

Peter H (us) wrote: Japanese lore meets The Thing! A lot of humorous parts mainly invoked by the highly strung out main characters. There were actually a few parts that make you jump and others that make you cringe with disgust (or delight in my case). This movie, coupled with my love for Tetsuo, really makes me want to check out more Shinya Tsukamoto films!

Nicki M (ca) wrote: I can remember watching this years ago and thinking it sucks. Still pretty much does, only thing of interest is Cyndi Lauper and her 80's outfits and hair. Her character is kind of good as well - I liked the psychic angle, but Cyndi pretty much plays her quirky self.Plot is lame action adventure with a bit of romance. Not really recommendable unless you like Cyndi, or like 80's movies, and even then...

Greg M (br) wrote: A must see for fans of Jack Kerouac, or those interested in the "Beat Generation". Interesting interviews with Alan Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, William S. Burroughs, and others. Well directed & produced with some great historical footage such as the Kerouac's appearence on the "Steve Allen Show", and his later drunken debacle on "Firing Line" with William F. Buckley. Gregory Corso is refreshingly blunt as the main narrator/commentator.

Trent C (br) wrote: Looks a bit bland because it was originally filmed to be a TV movie. Paramount liked it so much they gave it a theatrical release. It's probably one of the most depressing films this side of Ivan's Childhood. It has a dreamy nightmare look to it, and it's effective in a way The Day After isn't, because it's about a small community trying to hold together, not about lots of different groups. Very effective.

Steve S (es) wrote: Eastwood at his most self reflexive, and self scrutinizing. It may not be his best, in fact, it may not be one of his five best. But it may be his most self-reflexive film and perhaps one of his most personal. A strange, humorous, and peculiarly sad companion to Unforgiven.

Joel K (au) wrote: Tagline: HIDEOUS BEYOND BELIEF with an INHUMAN CRAVING. (AKA) Blodets drottning Sweden Flight to a Far Planet USA (working title) Planet of Blood (undefined) Planet of Terror (undefined) Planet of Vampires (undefined) Planeta sangriento Spain Space Vampires USA (working title) The Green Woman (undefined)