An orphan, Josefa, runs away from her threatening uncle with whom she is living, and stows away on traveller Fændrik's boat. She is no better off with him, however, as he forces himself on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (gb) wrote: A thoroughly excellent western.

Alex S (au) wrote: It's a tad too inspiring, but The Rocket features some fantastic directing and cinematography held aloft by a near perfect child performance by the lead actor.

Kavin P (ru) wrote: Beautiful little film!

Gary M (es) wrote: Like all steven's movies. i liked it. Nice action. Good fighting. Weird to find him as a bad guy though. But in the end he was pretty much a good guy.

Dana W (au) wrote: It is what it intended to be.

Mishelle K (nl) wrote: I loved this movie since the very first time i saw it!!

Allen A (br) wrote: Very funny. An older gay couple trying to reconcile that their "son" is getting married. This movie is over 30 years old and back then being gay was definitely not part of the mainstream. The English language version with Robin Williams is funny, but is at best a pale copy of the French original.

Sean G (it) wrote: Friend gave me a copy when my parents broke up.

John U (de) wrote: Solid movie with a plot twist at the end you didn't see coming.