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Fantasia torrent reviews

Tristan H (es) wrote: Extracted, while indeed low budget, bats way outside of the b-movie league. While it does indeed fall into the realm of science fiction - think of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, not Star Trek.. The plot line advances with a series of jumps in the storyline. I will not ruin the details, but the main character begins the movie stuck in a situation, only to find himself stuck wit the responsibility of his actions.

Johnathan M (br) wrote: Rubbish ! Giving this half a star feels like to much, absolute garbage ! Dreadful, dreadful acting.

George F (nl) wrote: This overrated movie cements in my eyes Mamoru Hosoda's status as an overrated director, although I really liked Ookami kodomo no ame to yuki (8.0). I expected more from the animation; the combination of studio Madhouse and the high praise this movie enjoys filled me with expectation, but in the end it was nothing out of the ordinary. Of course ordinary for Madhouse means a cut above the rest. So, great but not spectacular, animation.The movie begins as a "slice of high-school life" with some time-leaping shenanigans. For the most part the movie does a good job for the first two thirds; the heroine, Makoto, behaves pretty naturally and develops along with the increasingly complex time-leaping machinations. The movie centers around Makoto, so I will not fault it too much about the underdeveloped side characters, but I have to point out the the strong friendship (or awkward love triangle) between Makoto and the two boys feels forced. I wouldn't reproach that aspect of their relationship if it didn't became so important in the plot later.The director attempts escape the genre's prose by introducing some stylistic elements: The actual leaps in order to leap through time, showing numerous times the pompous phrase "time awaits for no one", and gently insinuating the heroine of the source material as the "aunt witch" (Kazuko Yoshiyama). Those tricks work, but they don't offer anything of substance. In the final third of the movie the problems appear in massive amounts. First of all, have the inevitable plot holes that associate themselves whenever a work of art depicts some form of non linear time line. People don't seem to mind (yes, I am looking at you, Interstellar fans) but a bunch of plot holes really spoils things for me. I will address the major plot hole in parable form in order to avoid spoilers:Genie: "Congratulations, you have three wishes"Makoto: "I want to have an infinite amount of wishes"Genie: "Cool choice sister, infinite wishes it is"Another problem is the dubious motivations of the characters towards the end. I don't want to spoil anything, but motives are not well established. If you couple that with the also poor established time travel "rules" you have a mess of a third act. And the mess continues to the very end; Gungrave (7.0/10) managed to salvage itself from it's shitty third act by providing a heartfelt ending, here we have a vanilla ending, devoid of any real emotion. There are more faults I could whine about; like the lack of sufficient stakes or lessons for the heroine, but I think you get the idea: It begins as a calm and sweet movie, but fails to deliver. You could do worse, but you can do so much better. 5.5/10. If you liked the good aspects of this movie, like the slice of life and coming of age, I would suggest Sakamichi no Apollon (7.5/10), Cross game (9.0/10), and Barakamon (8.0/10).

Hkon S (ru) wrote: Brilliant! First class cast and a plot as tight as a ***** ***** ***** (nope, not sure what that stands for either - but it's tight). Keeps you guessing all the way through to the end. Clever and entertaining dialogue throughout.

Andrew R (de) wrote: Not what I expected. Not bad, though.

John A (fr) wrote: Intriguing and stylish but ultimately it's too sad to be enjoyable. I would have appreciated a closer look at his artwork. Best bits are when David Bowie is on screen playing Andy Warhol quite brilliantly.

Lewis M (au) wrote: Patrick Swayze plays a decent part, even if it is a little bit plain in places.

Greg W (de) wrote: not 'pillow talk' but the all star cast keeps this one going

Samantha S (br) wrote: Not big on Richard Gere and there's no reason to see it otherwise

Olivia K (fr) wrote: I am not a fan of action films but I loved this film. It held my interest from beginning to end. Well done with a great story line. The cast is stellar in its perfomances. Worth watching, worth purchasing. Can never see it enough.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: Probably my favourite Kubrick film and one of my favourite period dramas. His mannered style, with its thin veneer of emotional sterility and obsession with detail and symmetry is perfectly suited to the 18th century aristocratic setting of Thackeray's novel. One of the most beautiful films ever made.

Andrew K (br) wrote: Drag, glitter, romance and the Shangri-Las, what more could you ever want?