An update of the original film with new interpretations of great works of classical music.

An update of the original film with new interpretations of great works of classical music. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fantasia/2000 torrent reviews

Tracy F (ru) wrote: A beautiful story on love and sacrifice.

Landon M (nl) wrote: This is the only Paranormal Activity movie that was actually good.

Adam M (jp) wrote: Fun horror sequel. I've only seen half the first and haven't seen the second but that doesn't matter as this is just switch ya brain off horror fun. Its actually not as bad as i thought it would be. For those who haven't heard of these films, massive alligators kill people and look pretty bad, CGI wise but that doesn't matter as you know what to expect! Fans of soap fittie Roxanne Pallet might want to check this out to as she gets totally naked!

Ingela Z (de) wrote: When does an ordinary person become monstrous; what is the trigger; when is the fatal turning point? Is fear an acceptable reason for selfishness, brutality and a headlong flight from responsibility? Gordon deals admirably with this dilemma using a crafty balance of horror and humor in a bloody film about a hit & run driver who becomes inhuman while the victim remains human and humane through relentless pain, shock, & bad luck. Both Stephen Rea and Mena Suvari offer up fine performances as a middle class guy down on his luck and a hard working and hard playing young woman in a tough and demanding job.

Ewoudt C (ru) wrote: This rare dramatic gem from Australian Richard Roxburgh has a distinct disjointed quality that manages to make this extremely grim tale even more believable, resulting in a visceral emotional ride you won't soon forget. Eric Bana does a commendable job at portraying a father terminally wounded by the uncontrollable darkness in his life. The real star of the movie is however Kodi Smit-McPhee, a young actor that plays his role with so much skill, depth and conviction that it's hard to believe this young actor has not yet made his Hollywood breakthrough. Strong performances by ensemble cast members like Franka Potente and Marton Csokas keeps the story moving at a lightning pace, as the audience is taken deeper and deeper down this very dark rabbit-hole. Add to this beautiful cinematography (Peter Jackson should take notes) used to perfection to slow down the movie's pace and a rounded, open-ended conclusion and you have a film experience that stands tall in its genre. * This movie reminded me a lot of the animated classic, Grave of the Fireflies due to the use of a similar disjointed structure.

Shaun B (fr) wrote: Interesting film about a very interesting man. D'Onofrio is pretty much the only man to play Hoffman.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: I used to like this as a kid, but now I hated it now. nothing is funny in this film. It is just trash and a waste of a cast.

Michael (gb) wrote: A touching tale of what could have happend if trunks did not arrive from the future. With only Gohan and Trunks left to defend from the andriods and cell!

Steve H (gb) wrote: Apart from Emmanuelle Beart's body this is pretty standard stuff. There must be better 'painting' films out there. I thought the drawings were unspectacular....even watching how they were done from 'scratch' (laetrile).I wanted a 'wow' moment when the paintings were finished.....and there wasn't one. Also, i didn't fall memorized by the scene - It just could have been done with more awkwardness, and more tension. Sorry, not blown away by this.

Arto P (jp) wrote: This shit was the bomb! Bazookas, bitchen babes and Ronn Moss. "Hawaii. It's a great place to visit, but you wouldn't wanna die there."

David M (ru) wrote: Mid-80s comedy thriller, in which a miniaturized Dennis Quaid is injected into hypochondriac Martin Short after an experiment in which Quaid is participating is interrupted by those who want the technology for their own ends.Worth watching for the 'inside-body' effects, as well as for perhaps one of Martin Shorts best comedy performances (second only, in my opinion, to 'The Three Amigos!').

Ian C (ca) wrote: Eric Roberts is the balls in this and it makes you think how he ended up starring in so much shit over the years,his character however did remind me of johnnyboy in mean streets.Good supporting cast of mickey rourke,burty young and m.emmet walsh

Michael T (us) wrote: As a young tyke, I loved this movie and developed a crush on Diane Lane.

Juli N (au) wrote: I was astounded at how mediocre the film turned out to be especially with the star power behind it!

Jiri B (ru) wrote: Scary and very entertaining zombie film. Great special effects and a George Romero timeless classic.

Film C (kr) wrote: A sci-fi that fails to amaze! Nothing sets this movie apart from other average sci-fi dramas.

Alexis C (au) wrote: It is Riddick simply being Riddick. Good movie showing how he got sloppy and getting back to the crazy killer we know.