A solitary man's only pastime is to go to a movie theatre, the Teatro San Martín, on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires. There he exorcises his ghosts.

Argentine filmmaker Lisandro Alonso (b. 1975) combines the formal techniques of fiction and documentary cinema to create his meditative, mysteriously atmospheric films. Each of his four films to date—La Libertad (2001), Los Muertos (2004), Fantasma (2006), and Liverpool (2008)—closely follows the quotidian movements of a solitary man to signify a larger journey or inner quest. The nonprofessional actors’ seemingly prosaic activities—cutting wood, journeying home, searching for a theater—become powerful allegories when set against vast landscapes, dreamlike sequences, cinematic manipulations, and soundtrack music. Alonso’s formally rigorous, minimalist works are utterly unique in contemporary Latin American cinema. (-Museum of Modern Art) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fantasma torrent reviews

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Du niveau de Case Dpart. On s'marre quoi!

Christy W (ru) wrote: Honestly, I wanted to be more scared than I was. No, that doesn't mean I wanted more gore... I am all about the scare. And I kept waiting for the "big scares" in this movie, and it just didn't deliver them for me.

Alice P (de) wrote: A simple movie, but I enjoyed it; out made me smile. Although, it seemed a little ironic that the main character complains about Asian stereotypes all day, while his cousin is a fob stereotype. Hmmm.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: The horrible ending takes off half a star in what was otherwise a relatively harmless and well-done indie film. The characters are all interesting at times, and all dull at others.

Tom B (fr) wrote: I really liked this one. Good stunts and action.

bill m (us) wrote: Very low budget laughed once or twice will not watch again.

Serena F (us) wrote: Prima volta che vedevo un film d'animazione coreano. Un ragazzino che vive in un paesino sulla costa, riesce a penetrare in una realt parallela surreale attraverso un faro inattivo da tempo. L incontra una ragazzina, Mari, di cui si innamora. Molto interessante e molto realistico riguardo i problemi adolescenziali del protagonista, nonostante sia una storia di fantasia.

Private U (gb) wrote: This movie really showed me that you shouldn't let others tell you who you are and what to do. I love the emotions portrayed by the leading man. Very real. Loved it.

Ian C (ru) wrote: Fairly average. McConnaughey is the balls. Serious twitch off Hurley. Gimme The Truman Show any day.

Eliabeth N (kr) wrote: Hardly the best film ever and not really original, some of the cast do put in good performances though. The one thing I will say is the cats freak me out, I wouldn't let my cat near me for days for fear she would rip my face off!

Pirkko S (ca) wrote: Not worth seeing - not even for Russell Crowe.

Adam Q (kr) wrote: This is on par if not superior to "A werewolf in London" & The Howling, which almost pains me to believe.

Matt D (ca) wrote: Damn. I almost wish I had no idea there was a third film in this series waiting for me to watch. This one ends so perfectly I can assume bad things are in store for this charming pair in their next film. But regardless of the happy ending here this film continues the overwhelming strength of the first film with remarkable performances from Delpy and Hawke, a wonderful believable screenplay, and some simple but perfect filmmaking from Linklater. Can't wait to explore the final chapter.

Tyler E (ag) wrote: Not really sure if this movie accomplished the goals it set out to. Not really sure if it had goals. Kind of feels like the story was written after the name was made up. With all the A-listers in this I was sure hoping for more. The plot never really goes anywhere and the "twist" of the movie is so predictable I gave an audible sigh when it occurred. It was mildly entertaining at best. Sorry Kev.

Dwight B (fr) wrote: Surprised I liked the film.

John R (au) wrote: 140903: I'd forgotten how good this movie was. Unfortunately, it seems to lose a bit of momentum in the second half. Cool characters, cool firearms and lots of action. Don't worry, it picks up again.

Randy H (nl) wrote: Very slow moving with no real beginning or end and not a lot in between. Slightly sexy with a few dick shots; but that's about the extent of entertainment in this movie.

SteL P (it) wrote: It starts well, with a promising story, but it all gets lost somehow..

Steve W (nl) wrote: Solid performances and a dynamic non cliched script make for an excellent story about Chet Baker. Ethan Hawke plays him subdued, the rest of the cast members pull their own weight and its a steady drama about being humble and being passionate.