Far til fire og ulveungerne

Far til fire og ulveungerne


Lille Per får sit største ønske opfyldt: Han bliver ulveunge. Søs får også sit største ønske opfyldt: Hun skal giftes. Så nu må Mie overtage husholdningen. Det kommer ikke til at gå stille for sig. Hun herser med Ole og Per. Lille Per?s oplevelser på ulveunge-lejren er meget dramatiske. Først hjælper han en sød pige og hendes fattige bedstefar, så de kan beholde deres hest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon H (ca) wrote: Wow, a dark, comic and multi layered flick that works from so many angles. A diatribe on bullying, meta-film geek tastic, a statement of high school life. You feel you are discovering a lost classic that is slightly ahead of it's time. I think Matt Johnson is probably a film-maker to keep an eye on.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Interesting true story. Very funny at times, especially any scenes involving David Thewlis. Not great though - pacing is off, and writer-director Bernard Rose clearly wasn't sure whether he was making a comedy or drama. As mentioned, it has some funny moments, but then it has some very dark moments too. The comedy makes the drama seem frivolous.Great performance by Rhys Ifans in the lead role. David Thewlis steals the show, however, with his over-the-top performance. Not sure why it was felt necessary to cast Chloe Sevigny in the role of Howard Marks' wife, especially as the character is English. Crispin Glover is also a bit of a waste in his role.

Yann B (nl) wrote: insupportable, j'ai zapp avant la fin

Lee M (it) wrote: It works for a little while, but an Irons-narrated slideshow of the region would have worked just as well.

Scott J (fr) wrote: The Plan 9 From Outer Space of blaxploitation movies.

Darrin C (jp) wrote: I didn't think I'd like this one, but was I ever wrong! Great frontier movie with more action that takes a sharp turn!

Truc N (gb) wrote: oldie and youngie..haha

Matthew T (us) wrote: A great anthology series from the grandfather of Italian horror. This anthology series showcases three intriguing and unique stories all depicting different sub-genres of horror and thriller. The first is a Giallo-esque thriller, the second is a gothic horror mystery and the third is a psychological ghost tale. Each one is executed very well, and despite their difference in plot, each are filmed with Bava's signature style. Fantastic film!

Kevin N (kr) wrote: Claude Chabrol was the first Cahiers critic to take the plunge into the world of filmmaking, and his debut is just as strong as Godard's and Truffaut's. Its subtle nature and quiet structure, perhaps, has kept it from the radical praise that 'Breathless' and 'The 400 Blows' have received. Unlike the other two, Chabrol is concerned intimately with the dramatic possibilities of the cinema, and the influence of the filmmakers he and the other Cahiers critics worshipped shine through in his work, showing that he is not concerned with giving film a U-turn but instead in giving it a visible evolution; the spirit of Nicholas Ray especially can be felt at work here. What I found so involving about the film was its central character, a generally good person named Francois Baillou (played by Jean-Claude Brialy); we admire his good nature and it becomes easy to follow and trust him, and yet his flaws become evident as the picture progresses, showing us that even something as well-intentioned and simple as an act of kindness can be a complex and delicate thing. The actors are all electric. Gerard Blain gives a wonderfully tragic performance as handsome Serge himself, one which gradually unfolds and reveals a painful and tender interior, a disturbing glimpse at the delicacy of a human life.

davies m (it) wrote: One of Kubrick's best works. great acting from Cruise and Kidman, as always masterful directing from the master of cinema. Kubrick's most underrated work, in his top three best ever. A+

Torion O (br) wrote: Hysterical, tense, clever, and back to hysterical. It's just a merry-go-round of fun times that doesn't stop until the credits.