Far til fire: Til søs

Far til fire: Til søs


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Far til fire: Til søs torrent reviews

Graham M (de) wrote: No intelligence allowed, indeed.

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: A tough subject covered so conversationally.

Frances H (br) wrote: I really thought this film was bright and funny with an excellent cast and brilliant script, but I can see where the "Juno effect" comes in. The film really makes light of the situation of a 16 year old girl getting pregnant. Unlike Knocked Up, where the couple involved are adults and end up loving and caring for their child, even the couple who agree to adopt the baby end up in divorce, so that this child has only one parent even before it is born. The film seems to teenagers like a light-hearted love story--get pregnant to a boy and have him love you. What is played down to an almost blas level is this poor girl giving up her child as though it has less affect on her than not going to the junior prom, and ditto for the boy, when in reality, the decision to have an abortion or give a baby up for adoption is something that haunts at least the mother for a lifetime of agony in uncertainty of whether you did the right thing or not, heartbreak in having to give up a child that you carried in your body, always wondering if that child is happy, or even knows he was adopted, if his parents treat him well or if he curses you everyday because you just gave him away like something unloved and unwanted. The whole teen pregnancy subject is treated so lightly here, one can see how impressionable teens might misunderstand, and that is the real problem here.

Alejandro O (es) wrote: Criticada por su snica y "falta de profunidad" la pelcula realmente brilla por una direccin tan lenta que termina por estresarme y es ah donde capta toda mi atencin al expresarla en miedo.

Tabatha T (de) wrote: I didn't like it that well

Joanna C (de) wrote: This movie was use to be a television show, but then it stopped showing. So now I'm glad I saw the film.:O

Kevin P (au) wrote: You know at least two guys like this. It's all talk in every concievable way. Not one of my favorite of Mr. Mamet's, but that's not saying nothing.

cami w (kr) wrote: C;assic Movie. Watched it all the time growing up.

Bheema D (nl) wrote: There are two movies in this movie. One is a charming, if a little gritty, story about Forrest Gump's older brother from Texas trying to live in New York. The other movie is about the director having PTSD flashbacks induced by LSD. No matter which movie you watch, or both, you'll leave wondering what the Hell just happened and why you like it so much.

Adrian B (ru) wrote: Okay war film in which a family, which includes husband and wife Paul Lukas and Bette Davis, respectively, of their return to the United States from Germany, in the early stages of World War II. When they return, the two conceal a secret that the husband is an agent who is on a spy mission in the USA. At once a very effective movie from the 1940's, this movie, which once again contains an Oscar winning performance (that being Paul Lukas), has lost its luster. It could have been a great drama, but instead it underwhelms because there is too much dialogue for the viewer to handle. It's unfortunate and a bit of a letdown to see stars, such as Davis, not be in a great movie and one that has not aged well. The performances and score are the virtues to "Watch on the Rhine."

Johann M (br) wrote: EXCELLENT. Captivating. Di'caprio is brilliant and the story is fantastic. A must watch!

briana m (nl) wrote: want to watch for free but dont know how