Farewell, America

Farewell, America

Anna Bedford, a young and idealistic girl from Pennsylvania, accepts a State Department assignment to serve in the US Embassy in Moscow shortly after the allied victory over fascist Germany... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim C (es) wrote: I saw one trailer that made me really interested, so I think I would like to see this after all.

Matthew L (de) wrote: Odd mix of faux-documentary and mumblecore looks at how the death of a local teenager affects and entire town. Odd mix of faux-documentary and mumblecore looks at how the death of a local teenager affects and entire town.Its strange mix of styles is more off-putting than involving. The mumblecore masquerading as documentary feels forced rather than fluid.

Bryon v (nl) wrote: The lead is a big a-hole for the first half, and after intermission atones for it. Great songs and dance numbers. Second half is best part. Wait for it.

Sam L (ru) wrote: tooooo cute!!!soo damn cute

Dorene J (kr) wrote: This movie is off the chain!!!!

Radhika R (es) wrote: The elevated dramatics of the events in the story line of "Stepmom" is embarrassing and brings out the desperation of the film evoke emotions in its audience. The initial direction of the film as it explores the challenges associated with adolescents and divorce is acceptable. What washes out every spec of humble subtlety dominantly lies in the second half with the unnecessary plot twist of an ailment. Admittedly, the performance given by the cast is credible and the energy between the older and younger leads is warm.

Amittai S (ca) wrote: This is a good movie. The message is to support your friends.

Branden W (kr) wrote: Taking place in a futuristic world, Tenebre is a more than successful return to the 'giallo' genre of films for Dario Argento. Close examination upon this film will show many subtle underlying themes which develop throughout, in a stylish, imaginative way. Like all Argento films, whether it be giallo or horror, there is a surreal quality to his work that decoys the viewer into a remote world of leisured contemplation and speculative fancy. Most of all, like all Argento films, the element of surprise built into Argento's signature climactic ending allows for the mysterious nature of all of his films to leave one shocked upon reaching its conclusion. One of Argento's best-- if not the best--giallo film.

Lovro H (kr) wrote: Predictable, dull, boring and plotless! This is one of the worst 'slasher' movies ever! It started off good, but the more it got to the end the harder it was to resist the urge of closing the movie and never finishing it again! I wish I had closed it because the ending was horrible! It was so predictable and boring that I won't even recommend this movie to anyone. It's a complete waste of time...

Jesse L (kr) wrote: pretty much a dress rehearsal for Ran, a lot less narrative

Shawn S (gb) wrote: While there are a lot of problems with this (in particular the slow first act) in the end it turned out to be quite fun.

Joseph H (jp) wrote: One of the best movies of all time! Predator is a great action, horror, thrill ride that will never get old!

Alejandro E (br) wrote: Real life courtroom drama about the outrageous methods of massive TV shows.Reamarkable plays of Fiennes and Turturro

Paul D (ru) wrote: Very standard kids stuff with modern touch to the animation.

Leslie F (mx) wrote: Normally, I do not comment on movies here but this particular film was a GREAT movie that was utterly spoiled by these three developments...[Spoiler Alert]1. Batgirl's teenage-like infatuation with Batman2. Batman and Batgirl doing the do 3. Batman laughing with the man who PARALYZED his partner. I understand this film wants to keep it close to the source material, but if one of the creators of the source material admitted that it was flawed, shouldn't the film alter a few things to make it better? As it stands, this is only a good (at best) film.