Farewell to Spring

Farewell to Spring

Five longtime friends get back together, but are disappointed to find that their bonds are not as strong as they once were.

Five longtime friends get back together, but are disappointed to find that their bonds are not as strong as they once were. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (kr) wrote: Certainly not a random horror film, this anthology film consists of 3 different tales of the two important horror movie elements that goes hand in hand: Sex & Death. I really like all the different colours used in all three tales, also the score was great!!House and Home is quite interesting, revenge is best served with friends, never underestimate the capability of people; the shots were used symbolically that reinforced the theme.The second tale is slow paced and by far the dullest, bad acting with no artistic intention, it was not that great so SKIPThe last tale is my favourite, sex is well presented here along with the mental state of masochist. The shots were beautifully used, the contrast of light and darkness was great; the lighting was especially good to show the fear of the BITCH (which is a pun)

Jim A (mx) wrote: The footage is fantastic the narration is not. Strangely Meryl Streep seems to narrate pretending to be the flower which can get more than a little annoying. However it makes up for this with stunning footage about how various animals pollinate and the various evolutionary mechanisms plants use to make sure pollinators preform the proper function for the plant. Despite the narration problems this still comes recommended

Soheil W (fr) wrote: Cool idea but a horrible plot

Don S (br) wrote: Mediocre TV mini-series that gives you exactly what you'd expect and nothing more: serviceable acting, below par special effects and a thin story. It is watchable for what it is. Gina Gershon could entice me to watch just about anything.

Maura G (us) wrote: so lonnnnng. so bad. so didn't even finish it.

Brad G (ag) wrote: Despite its low budget, Val Kilmer delivers some nice moments in this directtodvd actioner that does get a little too touchy feel with its liberal message at times. Go-to baddie Gary Cole hems and haws and ??hu hu Texas??es his way through the villain role but you can??t really dislike Gary Cole?? he??s Gary Cole man. So, I will probably remember nothing of this movie come this time next year but it was a decent way to kill an hour and a half. Not VF.

Guilherme N (kr) wrote: Great documentary about a real, honest and profound artist

Wayne F (ag) wrote: Not a great film, but i guess its better if ur a kid. This is like Tales from the Crypt for kids. This movie got a bonus star for 1 of the brothers saying to Sean Astin's character "not that dumb story about that time you and your friends found a pirate ship in a cave!". Oh and this movie is only on Flixter cos i asked for it to be added!!! I feel like i've achieved something for once lol!

Shae S (ru) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. It just drags on in some places.

Alex V (de) wrote: Jim Jarmusch gran director...