• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Farishta 1958 full movies, Farishta torrents movie

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Farishta torrent reviews

Elvis C (es) wrote: funny to watch. distant from reality, it'd never happen in real life

Kris g (gb) wrote: what the fuk is this

Richard L (mx) wrote: I had to watch this as part of this week's school homework. You have to watch it because it is an amazing film that is everything but what it seems.

Eliabeth W (es) wrote: I think I might have become stupider (not a word...SEE!!) by watching this movie. But hey, I gave it half a star for keeping me slightly entertained for two hours on a lazy saturday.

Johnny F (it) wrote: I also remember loving this movie!

Jonathan G (us) wrote: An action comedy from the director of Indiana Jones. In fact, you can almost take Jones into a jungle instead of a desert and this is the movie you'd end up with. An entertaining time, but a bit ridiculous. Rating: 7 / 10

Deke P (kr) wrote: saw it in theaters when came out.

Nathaniel B (jp) wrote: The fact that this film's backdrop is arguably the most beautiful city on Earth, which also happens to be one of my favorite places, may boost the film a tad in my mind. But even apart from its gorgeous scenery and landscapes, Black Orpheus swells with delight when it wants to and seeps with tragedy when it prefers to. A beautiful film, from top to bottom.

Shawna L (ru) wrote: Like Gone with the Wind, though not as good, it's a gorgeous but long "epic period piece." Pretty interesting story with quality actors from that era. Dame Elizabeth Taylor was deserving of the Oscar nomination but it's fitting that she didn't win it. If you liked GwtW, you'll enjoy RC. It's a classic with incredible costumes, lovely scenery, breathtaking cinematography of the Old South, good old-school Civil War scenes, humor, romance and the insanity of love. Just go into it knowing that although Taylor rivals Vivien Leigh in beauty, Montgomery Clift is no Clark Gable and this film is not as good as GwtW.

Byron B (kr) wrote: The movie opens with the same boat captain and some recycled clips of the "Amazon" river from the first movie. But don't fear. Compared to other Universal monster pics there is very little of this recycling going on here. Two scientists finally succeed in drugging the creature enough to put it in a coma and take it to civilization. It is not inconceivable, but I thought it was a little funny that a San Francisco boat goes to the Amazon to take the creature to Florida. I had a hard time keeping track of these scientists from the intro, but I think they are written out of the plot once the creature arrives in Florida. Prof. Clete Ferguson (Agar) is established as the new hero. Helen (Lori Nelson) is the new woman that the professor, another diver named Joe, and the Gill-Man fight over. She is gorgeous, but also a grad student studying fish. Despite her brains, there is a risque strip tease scene in which the creature spies on Helen. The plot is a bit like King Kong with themes of wildlife being mistreated for human entertainment until the beast escapes with the beauty. The underwater scenes now have some dialog because the divers have throat microphones to communicate with those on the surface or through a speaker with the Gill-Man in his prison tank. The creature's suit has been slightly altered. Ricou Browning still does all the underwater scenes, but now Tom Hennesy plays the creature when it walks. Again I don't really see it as a horror movie. You feel slightly sorry for the Gill-Man, but I didn't really feel anything very strongly while watching this sequel.

Roel B (au) wrote: Kidnappings are always interested to see: especially if itsabout a true story (book). I am glad I watched it. As my family ispartly Dutch I do have some knowledge about the kidnapping. As far as Iknow the movie is correct and according to reality. The story isthrilling at the moments it should be. From the perspective of thekidnappers: you almost feel pity for them. The great work of Sir A.Hopkins, although his role is limited, is as we want it to be! Superb.Maybe to short, but absolutely genius. Not to forget Sam Worthington(Avatar), Jim Sturgess, Ryan Kwanten, they made their positivecontribution to the movie: scamp as they were, in scenes with Heinekenand the driver! Nice scenes in Amsterdam and Paris. And yeah... thebottles must be brown instead of green: who cares!? Worth watching:absolute! Best film ever: no, but which one is? A kidnapping is alwaysthrilling and excited: and so is this movie.

Tim L (es) wrote: Finally, the Director's Cut of a would-be potential classic, ruined in its original format -- Clive Barker's version makes a lot more sense.

Don S (es) wrote: Insufferably long and worse, boring. I'm not a Joffe fan really, only watched it for Olga Kurylenko, who was good in her role. The acting is above average, but the story is not very interesting and crawls along at the pace of a slug. I didn't get a feel for these characters, and the Spanish Civil War made no sense at all to me.

Giuseppe L (nl) wrote: Great movie! Fun and full of surprises!

Paul J (mx) wrote: I tried to give this movie a chance and watch it through and there was some interest but near the ending I think was horrible. The picture just couldn't figure out what it was trying to be a revenge film, a romance film or a dark comedy. It just couldn't make up its mind.