Farm Girl in New York

Farm Girl in New York

Sam and Matt flee their small mid-western town of 'Shickville,' for New York City, where hot girls roam the streets! After months of failure they come up with the idea to hold a fake ...

Sam and Matt flee their small mid-western town of 'Shickville,' for New York City, where hot girls roam the streets! After months of failure they come up with the idea to hold a fake ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca B (ca) wrote: Sostanzialmente una bella storia d'amore e di occhi, certo non una delle migliori opere scelte da Britt Marling

Frank N (es) wrote: This reminds me of a 90's Hong Kong film, '???????'.

Michael S (de) wrote: Just saw the world premier at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa. A stellar film from a first-time director that puts a human resonance on a very controversial subject matter.

Eddie G (au) wrote: documentary about ozzy, but didn't show anything new, mostly things we allready knew

Mark H (ru) wrote: This is film has moments which are truly inspired and entertaining. The problem is seeing the same story over and over again till you get to the ONE. The ONE that makes all the difference. That one better have one huge mind blowing revelation associated with it. If it's a meh moment the whole film becomes a repetitive exercise with moments but no final payout. This could have made a good Twilight Zone episode, or short film. The payout is terrible. The moral is such a letdown that you will wish you could have 2 hours of your life back. IT IS NOT ART by any measure. It is a failed attempt at being profound. If want to see a movie that is TRULY ART see Pan's Labyrinth you will know as soon as you have finished that film that Greatness was achieved.

LamHo T (de) wrote: if you just wanna laugh without using your brain, it's ok...

Barry H (br) wrote: saw a lot of movies like this and think this was good 2

Donna N (ru) wrote: LOL thats all i can say!

Jim A (ru) wrote: Copies scene after scene from the original but adds nothing new to them. This is as pointless a remake as it gets. Its only point seems to be connecting Biblical prophecy to more recent events but it doesn't seem to do that well either. Other than that it does nothing but repeat scenes from the original only much worse so what's the point?

Blake P (ca) wrote: Though filled with weak dialogue and shoddy editing, never the less "The Emperor and the Assassin" is a frustrating but grand epic that ultimately fulfills most of its many ambitions. One of the most expensive films ever made in China, the film looks great-- the costumes, the sets, and every battle sequence is simply breathtaking, with a very cinematic score to boot. The problem is though, is at a run time of 2 hours and 42 minutes, "The Emperor and the Assassin" is often tedious and boring-- but every inspired bit is astounding, and eventually it adds up to something. It may not be the best epic seen by audiences, but it still beats many. The film is a historical romance that tells the story of Ying Zheng (Li Xuejian), the first emperor of China, Lady Zhao (Gong Li), his lover, and Jing Ke (Fengyi Zhang), an assassin. Zheng hopes to destroy all of the seven empires of China and create one big one, while Lady Zhao, sick of her lovers psychopathic ways, hires Jing Ke, hoping to bring peace back to the land she once knew. For such a simple plot, "The Emperor and the Assassin" should be about an hour shorter. It's often interesting, and Kaige Chen does an excellent job of creating scenes and characters, but ultimately the film gets drowned in everything-- it's so long that an hour into it it's difficult to remember what happened before. The performances are faultless-- particular from Gong Li and Li Xuejian, but the problem is that "The Emperor and the Assassin" can't keep our attention, when it should. The film looks great, but there could've been so much more. I'd say this film could have been a masterpiece with Zhang Yimou at the helm. "The Emperor and the Assassin" is still a great epic, but I'd see a few more Chinese films before attempting to watch this one.

Nathaniel B (nl) wrote: It was mildly entertaining. A lot of scenes in the movie made me think if anyone in real life would ever do that. Not a bad movie, but not that great also. But I have to admit, it did capture my emotions.

Patryk C (nl) wrote: With its disturbingly graphic scenes of utmost violence, A Short Film About Killing proves to be a powerful attack on the capital punishment, and killing in general. It opens with a grim image of a dead rat lying in the sewers, and a strangled cat hanging lifelessly. The title appears on screen in a gory manner, and it's all accompanied by laughter of small children. The main plot depicts a story about Jacek, a young drifter in Warsaw, who performs some mildly shocking acts of roguery around town, until the unforgettable climax, in which he commits the most unscrupulous and atrocious crime of all - he kills a taxi driver with cold blood, and then steals his cab. Fast forward a couple of months, and we see how Jacek is sentenced to death by hanging in one of the Polish prisons. In all this grievous story, there is also an optimistic aspiring advocate Piotr, who passed the exam and got his job on the exact same day that Jacek murdered the irritable, yet completely innocent man. He wasn't able to defend him from the fate, and now he also pays the price, as he plunges deeper and deeper into the sorrow and horror of all the past and future events. The film was so meaningful in Poland that the authorities actually suspended capital punishment until further notice (nowadays the country's free from it). Very graphic and harrowing, A Short Film About Killing might give the viewer nightmares. Its very dark colors, mournful music, depressing atmosphere, and sorely effective message combine for a most memorable film. Krzysztof Kieslowski's striking naturalistic overtone bears a serious importance in this beastly world of ours.

Ray L (us) wrote: Cinematography, acting, music, plot are all phenomenal. The film makes no false promises of a cheesy love story or boy becomes hero. Rather it is a very real, human, relatable experience that makes you resonate with the characters. It's a film where everyone can say "I know that feeling", or "I've been there". We have all been a Tom or Summer at one point or knew one, and can recognize the flaws in them as if they were our own and give us clarity and awareness. Such a beautiful, heartfelt story that is a true depiction of romance and dating in real life.

Bolly B (fr) wrote: Well... actually Gwyneth Paltrow don't look too much like a 27 years student, but she's a good actress and I loved the script. By the way Jake Gyllenhaal is hot!

Dan H (it) wrote: Cage is a great actor, but Gary Sinise isn't. An interesting movie but not as good as expected.