Faro is about a man who flees into the forest with his daughter to escape a prison sentence.

The police are pursuing a man wanted for murder. If the man is arrested his daughter will be placed in foster care. To stay free they escape into the wilderness. Faro refers to a Portuguese city that the father once visited. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Faro torrent reviews

Keith C (kr) wrote: Relentlessly bleak and legitimately terrifying (and it takes a lot to phase me these days), but the awful acting prevents it from having much rewatch value.

Connie S (fr) wrote: I see how this movie was bad, but to me, I did mind at all, it was ok. Good enough to buy but not one of those movies to watch over and over again. It was okay, not great but not horrible.

Darryl R (jp) wrote: up YOUR bum...this girl has great one liners....funny...shes me in a skirt.

Xavier G (ag) wrote: This movie was terrible

Michelle S (mx) wrote: Love it. Good plot :)

Jim W (ru) wrote: I would rather have just seen a sequel with Charlie Sheen. He did some other movies for HBO so I don't know why they couldn't get him for this. Instead they lamely just say he was killed by aliens and a relative of his character that was never mentioned in the original is in it instead. Just check out the original movie!

Anthony A (kr) wrote: Another great outdoors movie to add to your collection. Has some intense moments.

Siow Ai L (us) wrote: Screened on channel 5

Jim A (de) wrote: Michael Caine and Steve Martin are both awesome as two despicable con artists yet manage to be in a strange way very likeable as they constantly try to top each other in various dastardly doings. The plot is consistently funny and filled with a few great laughs even if it grows a bit dull in the middle it makes up for it with a few gut busters in the end

Robert L (de) wrote: Favorite zombie/slasher 2 thumbs up.

TAMMY (br) wrote: One of the most famous 'death' scenes of its time!!

Ashley L (au) wrote: Speechless...just speechless. This movie was phenomenal

bill s (ag) wrote: Sometimes you wonder in a movie this bad if the stars ever read the script before signing on.

JE A (kr) wrote: its all about the closing scene