This erotic horror film, set in 1905, tells the story of a thief who seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women, Eva (Brigitte Lahaie) and Elizabeth (Franca Mai). The women are seductive and teasing, but turn out to be part of a vampiric cult of blood-drinking aristocrats

This erotic horror film, set in 1905, tells the story of a thief who seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women, Eva (Brigitte Lahaie) and Elizabeth (Franca Mai). The women are seductive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Fascination torrent reviews

Dave S (br) wrote: Nunca digas nunca? JAMS!

Mikhail B (de) wrote: A contemporary story of a woman who meddles with sex-role behaviour and takes a bet with her friend that she can get three handsome firemen, one after another, into her bed. And so she does. The thee guys unknowingly make a bet of a similar nature (whoever sleeps with her, wins), but one chickens out, and leaves the charming lady just before the night turns late. That guy eventually wins the heart of the protagonist. The apparent distinction between sex and love is the point the script writer is trying to make. The film is not particularly interesting, but the story is rather dynamic, the actors are pretty, rather beautiful erotic episodes are there to be found for those who are keen on the topic.

Dave H (gb) wrote: just ok. wouldn't run out to see

Eunice C (nl) wrote: "When I hunt I hunt to kill"Really now?

Peerawee P (it) wrote: strange.. but not bad

Richard A (es) wrote: No, no, NO. This is bad to the point of it still being an inside joke in my family.

Stefan G (kr) wrote: American Ninja is a movie that's just as goofy as it sounds. If you were expecting a kick-ass, all-action thrill ride, you'll immediately be disappointed by the film's pace. For a film about ninjas, it's not very fast-paced. The plot always shifts sporadically from ninja action to wishy-washy romance, never mind that the premise is pretty ridiculous and underdeveloped. The main character doesn't talk throughout much of the film, which is actually okay since he's not much of an actor. However, when he does start talking more often, he actually reveals himself to be quite a confident character. Meanwhile, the main female character (played by Judie Aronson) is the worst character in the entire film. She only cares about herself, is a complete airhead, and always seems to get the main character in trouble just because she's stupid. Weren't the writers worried that it would send the wrong message? Anyway, the film doesn't look that good, and the earlier fight scenes seem quite silly, but later on, the action scenes get better and better, almost as though they saved their energy towards the explosive scene at the end. Overall, it's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but I wouldn't expect too much from this movie. It's a mediocre action movie with a poorly implemented concept.

Greg W (it) wrote: good period piece/actioner

Robert G (jp) wrote: I love Meryl Streep, but I am not convinced she was the perfect choice for this role. Glenn Close was. This is how I pictured Ferula! Winona is a horrible Blanca. As usual, the book is way better than film, but it's enjoyable enough to watch.