Fast and Furry-ous

Fast and Furry-ous

This was the debut for Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. It was also their only cartoon made in the 1940s. It set the template for the series, in which Wile E. Coyote (here given the ersatz Latin name Carnivorous Vulgaris) tries to catch Roadrunner (Accelleratii Incredibus) through many traps, plans and products, although in this first cartoon not all of the products are yet made by the Acme Corporation.

The very first cartoon in Warner Bros. popular Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner series of cartoons. This one has the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner using a rather ingenious invention combining a fridge, a meat grinder, ice cubes, and skis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee B (gb) wrote: Great movie... brutal fight scenes...awesome fight choreography...very bloody!

Joanna B (jp) wrote: Tackling mid-life crisis home truths, Judd Apatow's directionless comic rant side-queal (rather than sequel) of 2007's Knocked Up, This is 40 puts a giant tasteless mirror in the face of a standard dysfunctional family as serious real-life issues smack them square in the jaw. Driven by crass, foul-mouthed, bone-dry sitcom staples, this highly observant ferociously sadistic satire drowns in its desperate grab for laughs. Woefully unfunny and boringly labored, the verbose sprawling editing and repetitive scrapbook script literally pauses in the middle of punch-lines as if to savor the flavor of a joke, but for a full 134 minutes. Seriously. For Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) life is anything but tranquil, this goes double for the week they celebrate their milestone 40th birthdays. In an affluent suburb with their two daughters, the pubescent 14 year old Sadie (Maude Apatow) and curious 8 year old Charlotte (Iris Apatow), life is coming unglued at white-picket seems. Constantly in denial about his state of affairs, Pete's alternative indie-record label teeters on bankruptcy; his sponge father (Albert Brooks) guilt's him into lending a small fortune to support his young IVF family; he has a dreadful cupcake dependency and to top it off in the throes of steamy shower passion reveals to Debbie he uses Viagra to turbo charge their interludes. For her part, Debbie is preoccupied by money disappearing from her clothing boutique and suspicion lies with either the hot flush-with-cash employee (Megan Fox) or the quirky emotional employee (Charlyne Yi); she is attempting to find emotional common ground with her estranged absentee father (John Lithgow); She simply can't quit smoking and her daughters can't function alone for five minutes without interrupting a quickie blow -job. Actively tolerating each other, the couple decides the only course is to plough headlong into a crisis. Attempting to better their lives they embrace new goals, make healthier choices, lessen dependency on food and electronic crutches, face financial woes and family challenges but if she is a nag and he is evasive, can they find their way back to a marriage based on love or just keep it together out of obligation?Although entertaining as fringe characters in Knocked up, the carelessly bubbling Pete and his panicky-shrill wife are two-dimensional leads. Consumed by their middle-class issues, vapid characters are bereft of any genuine audience sympathy and I found myself wanting to sneer at their pettiness. Cameos by Lithgow and Melissa McCarthy are far more worthwhile than this film deserved.The Verdict: Left flat from the movies formless trajectory and overplayed petty marital resentments, the myriad of F-bombs come across as juvenile and unnecessary stripping it of any niceties or subtlety. Some may find this supposedly accurate reflection of our time funny, but according to a number of people in my screening, it was merely sleep inducing.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 25/01/2013

David R (au) wrote: Not bad but lacks a lot. They should have had more scenes with the two leads to make their friendship more apparent.

Jonas D (kr) wrote: Not quite what I was expecting but still good

Heather G (kr) wrote: Fab soundtrack and great performances from a strong cast. Another excellent collaboration between Meadows and Considine.

Saif S (mx) wrote: Warner bros? it was a bad joke.

John V (ru) wrote: Slow movie with not that much happening. Does not provide any insights into way these people have mindless dislike of each other, other than perhaps "historical" animosity.

Brian K (ru) wrote: While a little too predicable at points, the film makes the most of its talented cast; especially Charlie Sheen and Margaret Whitton.

Michael W (br) wrote: Checkmate for compelling Swiss film at World Chess Championship where political and personal stakes (not to mention gamesmanship) between the competitors are raised with every match. Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film.

MichaelUrmela O (mx) wrote: My favorite black widow movie of all-time

Donald W (ca) wrote: John Wayne made this movie right after he made "True Grit". This movie is nowhere near the quality of "True Grit". It's like they decided to make a movie and just re-used ideas from past John Wayne movies. John Wayne was way too old to be playing the character in this movie. Of course he just played himself. They threw in a bunch of young good looking actresses to add a little sex appeal. But none of them could act. Jack Elam was the only interesting character, but that was just your typical Jack Elam character. The story was set at the end of the Civil War and a few years after. They never really said how long but the guns used in the second half of the movie were not from the era. The first part with the Confederate guerillas robbing the Union train was good. Although Union payrolls in the Civil War wouldn't have been gold but would have been paper Greenbacks. After that the story made no sense. The Union and Confederate soldiers become friends when the war is over. The hard feelings between north and south lasted for years after the war. Most of your good western stories deal with this lingering hatred between northerners and southerners as the western United States was settled in the last half the 19th century. This movie glossed over these facts and made the bad guy an ex-Union soldier who sold information to the Confederates and then went to Texas to buy up land from the poor southern landowners. The story has so many holes in it I can't list them all here. George Plimpton had a bit part in the movie and gets shot. I remember watching the TV special he did about being in this movie. He showed how they staged the shootout and used wires to jerk him back when he got shot. It was some sort of Thanksgiving special because I remember watching it at my Aunt and Uncle's house in McAlester, OK. I never saw the movie until I bought the DVD. It was supposed to be the third movie where he gets barricaded in a jailhouse. In this movie it's only the last 15 minutes of the story.

maxwell w (nl) wrote: A wonderful film that tells the tale of Beowulf in a spectacular way.

Aj G (es) wrote: Just talking. Interviews, filmed meetings and very little action. I found it impossible to watch the whole thing. What a waste of money.