Fast Company

Fast Company

An early departure from director David Cronenberg's canon of visceral horror, 1979's Fast Company profiles one of his personal passions, racecars, in a gritty melodrama that also features exciting racetrack footage. Veteran toughguy William Smith is top-billed as a champion drag racer who clashes with the unscrupulous oil-company executive (John Saxon) who sponsors his team.

Standard good guys vs. bad guys drag racing movie. Nice scene of the driver's view during a funny car run.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan P (jp) wrote: For not being Disney/Picard or DreamWorks, I thought this was masterfully done. It had good humor and the music was good. One for the collection

Cathleen K (it) wrote: seriously, kids... ouija boards NEVER lead to sugarplums and free nintendos.

Private U (it) wrote: i cant even believe this app could find this movie. its full of succubi, blood orgys, bad acting and a soundtrack by buckethead. what more could you want in a movie.

Ben L (kr) wrote: The first one took a while to get going but then the ingenious car chase towards the end with the uncertainity of how it would end made it enjoyable to watch and begged for repeat viewings. The second one didn't really pick up where the last one left but it keeps all the main characters. I felt as I watched it, nothing really happened until the last 20 minutes and then it felt a little rushed. The car chases are entertaining. I've seen better and I could make better car chases. An arrogant thing to say but I do enjoy a good car chase and if you make cars characters themselves, you feel the intensity of the chase. Like there is something at stake. The Bourne movies are an excellent example of this. It also starts to lose, let's say, it's frenchness. Which is a shame because this is what drew me in in the first one. Still, it's brainless fun and if you want something slightly different to mainstream hollywood films, look no further.

Bijan B (us) wrote: perfect trash and very brutal...!BLOODY FOOOOOOOL...!!!

Charles P (ca) wrote: Dragonheart isn't a terribly satisfying experience. Sometimes it's moderately engaging, sometimes a bit of a drag.

Robert I (au) wrote: Gary Busey takes the law into his own hands when a biker gang murder his wife and put his daughter into a comatose state. The power of Busey is strong in this one, but what isn(TM)t strong is the soundtrack. I do give credit that the evil biker gang does go out of its way to be evil. I also give credit that a super criminal lays pity on Busey by way of a private arsenal and a super truck. Heroes rarely get it so good in these tales. Not the best film, but fun with friends.

Bill M (es) wrote: Suprisingly strongly executed and creepy early 80's slasher flick, with great atmosphere and decent chraracters who are likable and relatable enougth that you feel genuinly quite upset when they buy the farm rather than cheer their gorey deaths on. A real little treat for horror fans.

Lisa W (ag) wrote: Cute old movie. The stars look SO YOUNG.

Marcy B (ca) wrote: as much as i love paul newman, this movie was pretty bad. not very well acted and a pretty lame story. plus the dominique sanda character was rather flat, ya the ending was dumb too

Eamonn B (ru) wrote: Is this the best performance by an actress from the golden age of hollywood?

Bill G (de) wrote: mediocre acting. Nobody you ever heard of.