Fast Food

Fast Food

Auggie wants to make it big and has tried pretty much everything in order to do so. His next idea: turn his cousin's garage into a burger joint. To make it appealing, they develop a very very very special sauce. But beware, the king of fast food, Wrangler Bob, is out to get them...

What would happen if a sex drug ended up in the Secret Sauce of a new burger joint? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick L (kr) wrote: Decent actors, but takes too long to get why the kid has a change of heart.

Shradha A (br) wrote: very okay movie - nothing new about script and just slow and ghisa-pita stuff for these days

Se7enth A (ca) wrote: The spectacular performance from young actor,Kodi Smit Mcphee in The Road lead me to this heartbreaking but uplifting film. Here, he is a boy torn between longing for his mother, anxiety and frustration at her inability to be the parent he needs. It was told with impeccable simplicity. It is an incredibly slow paced film and it relies on the strength of its actors to thrive, it also becomes more realistic and gives you a reason to care what happens to these people. Eric Bana plays the father who endured the loneliness of migration to an isolated rural community; the desertion of his wife who left him for the brother of her best friend; the experience of betrayal; of suicide and madness. Coming from Raimond Gaita's noted memoir, this movie follows the writer's young life in Australia during the 1960s.

Debby S (ca) wrote: Romeo Dallaire is a true Hero, His love for Rwanda shines through in this film. Real honest Heroes never see themselves as such. But I stand in awe of him doing what is right when the world went crazy, when no one cared, and all hope seemed gone. Romeo stayed strong and good even though he will carry those emotional wounds for it.

Yamel R (fr) wrote: Una pelcula super tierna, me encant. La volvera a ver, slo para disfrutar de la mirada del esposo orgulloso y enamorado hacia su mujer. Me encanta que hayan elevado el amor de pareja a otro nivel, algo que se menosprecia hoy da.

Aaron G (es) wrote: A fine remake of "Day of the Dead."

Ashley M (fr) wrote: haha - probably the worst film ive ever seen... however mark-paul gosselaar was alright i suppose...

Nonya B (jp) wrote: Perky little drama that gets the job done and succeeds despite itself. Its too bad the careers of most involved tanked after this one,as far as film goes.

Matthew J (es) wrote: I think this movie's Tomatometer rating is a bit unfair. This is one of those darkly hilarious movies I still remember lines/scenes from, years later, while I've long-since forgotten many higher-rated films. It's a goofy, dark, mockumentary film that's well worth watching if you enjoy the genre.

Omar Q (us) wrote: I loved the previous ones, but this one dissapointed by making the jokes from the previous bad, the plot twist sucked, all I can say is I've seen people on crack who can make a better installment???

Aaron C (au) wrote: It's amazing how they fit all that in 120 minutes