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Fast & Furious

Brian O'Conner, back working for the FBI in Los Angeles, teams up with Dominic Toretto to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation.

Fast & Furious is a movies torrent of Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson (characters). The released year of this movie is 2009. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Gal Gadot, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez. There are many categories, such as Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller. This movie was rated by 6.7 in We have a good movies torrent. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 107 minutes. DeGea is interesting uploader, she is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your thought. Do you know what are visitors? ChimTo is the best. I don't push my iPhone screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what's possible behind the wheel. But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmaneuver him. , fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto reignites his feud with agent Brian O'Connor. A. When a crime brings them back to L. Heading back to the streets where it all began, two men rejoin two women to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars across Los Angeles and floor through the Mexican desert

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Users reviews

Calyre Z (nl)

"Quoi de neuf pussycat ?"

Dana N (fr)

Vince Vaughn's best role!

Francisco S (ca)

Friday the 13th part 2 doesn't have anything to add to the first success, it counts with a lot of cliches, unoriginal story and predictable narrative, however the cast is up to the good thrills

Greg R (au)

If your interested in seeing classic 70's Blaxploitation films, I'd watch this. There are moments in this movie that are just so bad, but most of this movie is very of it's genre and time

JeanSbastien C (br)

le meilleur synopsis que j'ai vu de ma vie

Jen M (ru)

Excellent Chevy Chase! Ages 9+

Megan O (au)

However it's quirky nature makes it a pleasant watch. It's ambiguous in areas and lacks depth in certain aspects. An enjoyable coming of age story, full of teenage drama

Mohammed A (us)

It's good movie to watch

Paul N (ru)

. . Critics say that Dario Argento's legacy lives on, I say that he'd be turning in his grave - apart from the fact he's not dead yet! Avoid like the bubonic. What a stinking pile of horse pooh! I gave it over half the film, but it's just massively style over substance with effectively no dialogue

Scott C (mx)

I don't remember this too well, but remember that I liked it