Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino, and he was still a child when the family moved to Tavullia. Son of Graziano Rossi, a former motorcycle racer, he first began riding at a very young age.[5] Rossi's first racing love was karting. Fuelled by his mother, Stefania's, concern for her son's safety, Graziano purchased a kart as substitute for the bike. However, the Rossi family trait of perpetually wanting to go faster prompted a redesign; Graziano replaced the 60cc motor with a 100cc national kart motor for his then 5-year-old son

The first film to go inside the MotoGP world since television took a sport watched by a few thousand spectators at race tracks and turned it into prime-time entertainment for over 350 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mia W (mx) wrote: This movie encapsulates how I envision how moms feels about their lives. Okay... Perhaps a slight exaggeration. You don't need to be a mom (or parent, which thankfully I am not) to enjoy this entertaining, over-the-top movie. All you require is an sense of humor. Because let's face as a parent has had thoughts portrayed in this work of fiction. Don't lie to yourself.

Horacio R (es) wrote: Surprisingly moving, revealing and memorable.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This is a nicely done story about one family's struggle to survive as the Nazis took over Poland. It is a tragic story and won't appeal to everyone.

Tibor P (au) wrote: Htkznapi trtnet a dlszlv polgrhborbl egy nemzetkzi seglycsapat szemszgb?l elmeslve. Sablon prkapcsolati vlsg, sablon karakterek, sablon drma. tlagfilm a szerda jszaka a kirlyi tvn celebrtelmisggel tbeszl?s fajtbl. Egyszernz?s.

Gurahk W (nl) wrote: Just a great movie all-round!

Alex K (ca) wrote: Michael Repolie Brought In This Movie To McHenry West Campus High School On DVD.

Jaime R (de) wrote: Babe is better, go see that.

Hillary M (gb) wrote: Ko Lin kills the brother of Hung Lau, an outlaw. Hung Lau, in turn, kills Ko Lin's entire family, and goes into hiding to learn and master the "natural fist", the most deadly form of kung-fu. The final battle between the two sworn enemies is a dynamic duel to the death. It is a bizarre old school kung fu flick. Rating a 2.5 for that reason alone.

John A (it) wrote: Scum Is Brilliant Probably The Best British Film I've Seen In Ages, This Was So Controversal When It Was First Made For BBC TV In 1977 It Was Banned, Then Remade As A Film With Almost All Of The Same Cast, It Was Still Controversal And More Violent Than The TV Version It Was Branded A Video Nasty Upon Its Early VHS Release. Scum Is A Brutal Story Set In A 70's Borstal, Run By The Violence Of Both Inmates And Officers. Winstone Is Brilliant In The Lead Role As Carlin, Who Eventually Erupts As The Leader Of A Bloody Climatic Riot.

Nicholas L (ag) wrote: The most important element of a musical is of course the songs and music. At most, Carousul offers only one memorable song. (You'll never walk alone). It is obvious that the lyrics were written first and the melody was filled in later. Hence the other songs are bland and feel like catching up rather than musical scores. Disappointed.

Gareth M (fr) wrote: Good film take a bit of time to get goin but when it does its funny, lovin daft ass endin

Kenny N (es) wrote: From our neighbors to the North comes a found footage horror movie that breathes some desperately needed fresh air back into a decaying, near-lifeless genre. Lance Preston is the host of "Grave Encounters," a ghost hunting show. He's a phony. So are his so called "occult" expert Sasha and his psychic Houston. Imagine the shock and surprise of everyone when, in the process of "investigating" a purportedly haunted insane asylum, they actually have an encounter with the paranormal. Several, actually. Each more horrifying than the last. And the worst part is, there's no escape! They're locked in! But even when they manage to break the locks...something even more horrifying is waiting for them behind the door. It is such a great surprise that I dare not spoil it by revealing it here. I'd give this a full 5 stars were it not for the simple fact that there's no one to really root for. We start out with a bunch of fame-hungry douches and a supremely bitchy young lady. As they plunge further into the terrors of the psychiatric hospital, they become worse. (But to be fair, I don't think I'd be in the best mood if I were trapped in a haunted insane asylum either so I can't say that I blame them.) But that's just me nitpicking. Go and watch this movie. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jake M (ag) wrote: Gylenhaal's authentic performance captures the hopelessness of Sherry's situation flawlessly. However, the lack of follow through on plot lines leave some questions unanswered. While this would have emphasised the uncertainty of Sherry's future, the use of clich to soften the blow of her narcissism clashes with the grittier and more realistic parts of the story. The contradiction prevents the conclusion from being taken as seriously as it needed to be.