Shot around the world in 2010 and 2011, 'FASTEST' distills the thrilling, terrifying reality of the MotoGP world championship into a maximum-speed, full-length documentary feature film. 'FASTEST' captures a pivotal moment in the sport. Chasing his tenth world title, the legendary Valentino Rossi runs into the toughest challenge of his life: a wave of ferociously fast young riders, a horrific, leg-shattering crash at the Italian grand prix, an agonizing comeback forty-one days later in Germany, and the question every rider – even the greatest of all time – must face. Who's fastest now? In 2010, Jorge Lorenzo stole the MotoGP crown. But is Rossi still the king?

This film follows Valentino Rossi who finds his eighth championship when he struggles back. He meets up the fast young riders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryn L (kr) wrote: Awful awful movie, avoid at all costs.

Paul E (ca) wrote: Excellent and fascinating. It's a little bit too "New Age-y" for my taste in parts. Also, the score is often very distracting. Overall, though, this film is a must-see for anyone fascinated with subjects like this.

Sarfara A (mx) wrote: Student Services (Mes chres tudes) - French Tv-film written and directed by Emmanuelle Bercot. Starring Dborah Franois (Populaire). It was released in Poland and Italy. Released quickly to DVD in the U.K. Student Services is based on an anonymous autobiography (said to have ignited sensation among the French nation). Set in contemporary France (not in Paris) - Laura (Dborah) is a 19-year old fresh college student of Spanish classes and wants to become a 'translator' to roam the world. Her parents live in remote town - Laura's mother works as a nurse, and her father as a mason, and a little brother. In the opening of the film, she faints in the class full of students - it is revealed that she's been on starvation for some days due to her financial condition - the electricity is cut-off of the room (that she shares with her timely boyfriend - who doesn't seem to care much about her except to live on her expenses). Desperate in need of the money to fund her studies and accommodation; she picks up the laptop of her boyfriend to find petty jobs - which leads her to an advertisement by a middle-aged (married) man who wants to just spend quality time with her (including massage, and hanky-panky). She seems to enjoy the time she spent (about an hour) without engaging in either foreplay or sexual activity (other than getting naked - exposing her big breasts fondled by the old man - who reiterates his desire only in the letter he gives to her rather than explaining verbally). With the money she (just) earned - she throws a treat to her friends, rejoicing every moment of it. She answers another ad, by nave and somewhat fatty guy, who according to Laura (as she puts it later, although she does not seem to show the signs of it) calls it 'being raped' in the car, before giving him a blowjob - her claim does not have any effect on her boyfriend, whom she later asks to get out. Next she sends an email to the first client (whom she considers to be gentle not to be having sex with her) - she asks him in an e-mail that she wants to have her very own 'laptop'. When she shows up at the hotel, the laptop is open with BDSM-movie playing on it - this sort of makes her uncomfortable. Then, she is asked to lay idle, while mouth gagged, hand and feet tied - this middle-aged man draws out long dildo and inserts it inside her vagina, against her yelling and cries. She storms out of the room, having freed herself of the fragile knots. Laura bumps into a handsome young man at bar, who seems to love her from bottom of his heart and shares her secrets (but also feels jealous on the inside - especially with her frequent visit to the middle-aged man even after the incident). The film is said to be based on true story - it is said that most of the young badly-off female students in France find this easy-but-lucrative job to fund their studies, buy fine clothes and meals. Deborah gives good performance, she is oomph, charming and seductive - I am very attentive when it comes to figuring the 'teen' looks, according to this experience of mine, I can assure you that you should not be disappointed in suffering from the natural tendency that grips you. Basically to argue on what Laura goes in the film, is right or wrong; is out of debate. The age factor is well-chosen. It is the stage of an age when you can bend your life you want to, and there is little family-dominance on your independence. If I would compare the East and West, then it is to be called 'Clash of Civilization' - what Laura does in this film, may not bind her from not attempting. And still I wonder that if having bulky men over top of her teen body, was worth all of this? I mean the scene where she goes with this middle-aged man inside 'Lady's Club' and then raped by two wrinkly old men - does not make sense (just for 1,000 euro). But then again as I said earlier - you can't estimate the dreams of those who go through extremes of being broke.

Scott G (fr) wrote: Brilliant cast! Brilliant story!

Abby D (ru) wrote: Nice songs, good cast, but a typical Indian movie. Wait for the dvd o come out.

Paul P (ag) wrote: Oh, Toback. What is it with you and multi-participant trysts in Central Park? Revised upwards on the strength and sheer audacity of certain stretches of dialogue.

victor l (nl) wrote: Mother of Mine is interesting due to the fact I learned somrthing I didn't know: the boys who had to run away from Finland to Sweden during the WWII. The story, though emotional, it's kind of tough, weird and unfair at the end. The film is fine but not too good for me.

Jobin B (ag) wrote: Not a great film, but it does have some good hilarious moments...

Carlos I (au) wrote: Such an awesome horror anthology. Two of horrors masters doing Poe. What more could you ask for?

Ileana A (ru) wrote: The end explains everything... lol

Russell S (br) wrote: One of the very best Bond movies with a most gripping and wonderfully constructed casino card game sequence that is the equal of anything else in the movie. A nicely grounded more realistic plot and even the typically over-the-top action sequences feel more believable.It also boasts my favourite title sequence to date and an excellent choice of song to accompany it.The final act feels a little long, which is often a symptom of any movie in which the main villain is out if the picture sometime before the rest of the story is completed. And that is my only "criticism" which barely even qualifies as a nitpick at that. Not just an excellent Bond movie but an excellent movie full-stop.

Scot Q (gb) wrote: All I can say is wow! Robert Mitchum is a bad ass! Super big bonus for the cool cars, oil slick (right out of spyhunter) and runnin' moonshine in nooks and hollers that I have actually been to!

Alan V (au) wrote: The coffee scene will never NOT be hilarious, no matter how many times I see it.

Marta R (mx) wrote: Interesting.... I liked it.

Lau H (it) wrote: This movie have all the ingredient in the first movie, but not as good as the first one. That's all.

Ky K (fr) wrote: The adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's book is pale; the movie has good things and corrections; however the story and characters are not stronger than those of the novel.

Tom W (au) wrote: 1.5 star for it's artistic attempt. Not worth your time unless you really have nothing to do OR you're really into dive horror.