Fat City

Fat City

Two men, working as professional boxers, come to blows when their careers each begin to take opposite momentum.

The film tells the story of two boxers and their problems. One of them is on the decline of his career while the other one just begins his ascent in this sport. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fat City torrent reviews

Aysha A (gb) wrote: Vulgar cheap film for the boys

Sandra H (ca) wrote: A bright, beautiful and enchantingly childlike vision.

Jim M (ca) wrote: A doco hasnt made me feel that eerie since Tarnation. Like Tarnation its completely compiled of home video never intended for an audience, wich gives it truth that most movies cant offer.

James D (jp) wrote: An independent gem of a movie that proves once again that give a good actor some well-written dialogue and the support to take a few risks and you can make gold. Lili Taylor, working under the careful stewardship of Mary Hanlon, works hard to give a pitch perfect performance as the brilliant and deeply troubled Solanas. Her intelligence and humor are always evident, but for all her strutting arrogance, she conveys an uncertainty and vulnerability that foreshadows what is ultimately a painful and tragic descent into violence and paranoia.The evocation of the late 60's New York underground, and Warhol's Factory in particular, is brilliant, even more so when you consider the low budget and that Andy Warhol's Estate refused to allow any of the artists work to actually be duplicated for the movie. The pill-popping, light-show gazing, pretentiousness, promiscuity and vacuousness of the scene have not been this well portrayed since Midnight Cowboy.The supporting cast, without exception, are brilliant, inhabiting their characters completely with just a few lines, and the soundtrack perfectly sets the tone and period. While the narrative lags in spots and could have benefited with a little tightening in the editing room, 'I Shot Andy Warhol' is still a wonderful testament to the ambitious possibilities of low-budget, independent film-making.

Adele B (de) wrote: Not interested in Westerns.

Austin G (es) wrote: I would have given this film a 3.5 or a 4 even, but the 3rd act was entirely too laughable, and boring. The first two acts are good, however.

Kory20 N (mx) wrote: Requiem for a Dream is a great look into addiction and what drugs can do to people. It is hard to watch at times, but worth the watch.

Slee B (br) wrote: Ah Mother's Day, having a hard time deciding what to get for Mothers Day? Well, Charles and Lloyd Kaufman have the answer in this gory and violent flick. The title is funny even though Mothers Day is never mentioned. The film has three girls going off to the woods to celebrate their friendship from college, but they soon encounter two hicks that abduct them. The girls are tied up and then tortured all for the amusement of the hick??s mother. If you have ever seen this scenario, you will obviously know what is in store for the young girls. Mothers Day has been slumped together as another film that hates woman. I would have to disagree because the film is actually satires those types of films. Well, at least it tries. It is a little too broad and colorful to be seen as a satire although the film winks at us with advertisements, product placement, poster, and television. I did not think it explained the satire well enough to be genuine. However, it does a great job at being sleazy. There are few funny jokes here and there, but what really surprised me was the effective set up. Well, after the decapitation, the film is very nicely set up as we are introduced to the characters. I enjoyed this and some of the films element especially when the girls get their revenge. For some odd reason, I actually found it sexy when the girls get their revenge. Hmm, I am starting to feel a little bit self conscious, ha-ha. Mothers Day mixes Psycho with Friday the 13th and I Spit on Your Grave, so if you are looking for a really bloody and sleazy time, Mothers Day is for you. Warning: do not give this film to your mother. It is Fathers Day and I want my cake.