Fat People

Fat People

"GORDOS" is a comedy about life's excesses and deficiencies; about our insecurities, phobias, obsessions, traumas, mistakes, fears, blame, desires, hopes, challenges, concessions, goals, relationships, love, sex, health, family... about survival in the widest and "largest" sense of the word.

Abel is a therapist who regularly meets with a handful of clients struggling to deal with the physical and emotional problems of being overweight. Enrique is an actor best known as the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (us) wrote: Kevin Hart is funny in the movies but i didnt find this stand up show all that great. Takes too long for the actual comedy to start. Then when it does its a slight disappointment. Still some funny jokes and lots of energy.

Michael K (ru) wrote: Great film, cannot see why it is so heavily underrated embraces the whole robots evolution & AI premise, better than Neil Blokamf's overrated Chappie film which weakly attempted to grapple similar themes

Matt G (ca) wrote: What kind of yeti hops 50 feet in the air? This is just awful, im sorry, not worth it.

Mike C (jp) wrote: Pure. Baseball. History. What happened with the gambling and what Rose has done since leaving baseball are often used to undermine what he did for 24 years in professional baseball, but watching this documentary, it becomes obvious: Rose is the epitome of baseball. I am not sure a player ever better represented the game while playing, and I am pretty positive no single player played through as much history as did Rose.The production value of this movie could be lacking. Mostly, it's just Rose sitting around and telling baseball stories. But that is the genius of the movie. Rose is an encyclopedia of baseball and history. His love of the game and his teammates oozes out of him as he relives the stories. I cannot image a Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez ever talking about the game with as much passion. Rose simply brought to the table something we will likely never see again. He also happened to be talented enough to stay in the game and make history. All in all, if you like baseball, watch this documentary.

Craig A (au) wrote: Great example of the all to common unfortunate metaphor in how an original & great artists' suicide death can catapult their work into abundant riches and mass publicity.

Erika M (ca) wrote: Esta pelcula es muy sensorial, corprea, hedonista. El placer corporal, el gusto por la comida y el deseo deseo de una mujer por liberarse se mezclan de manera sublime en esta pelcula. El papel que juega la comida me acord a The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover, pero de manera muy distinta y mucho ms placentera.

Giovanni M (es) wrote: This is an oddball of a film, upon first viewing I hated it but after an interest on why it failed I decided to watch it again. The second time is a strange experience because you see how dark the comedy is in the film, and how it's actually pretty funny when you expect it. Carell isplaying the usual Michael Scott role and to be honest, it's pretty funny. Carrey, however, is the star of this movie, he's hysterical. The problems have to do with the script and the direction. It's really uneven, Daley and Goldstein have showed promise with Horrible Bosses and here they still make a decently funny film, but it feels neutered to being PG-13. Jason Reitman did re-writes and it is really odd because you can't tell where they are. The tone of the movie bounces between dark comedy and family-friendly buddy humor and the mix never quite feels balanced. The plot is predictable too and doesn't really stray from the formula. However, while not Incredible, Burt Wonderstone is a decent enough comedy that may find a cult following in the future.

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my thing

James C (us) wrote: Here is a film I didn't like at first yet the more and more I watched the more captivated I became. Kevin Howarth delivers a groundbreaking and haunting performance that will mesmerize you up until the final cut.

Tony M (ru) wrote: Strange. Bizarre. Nonsensical.

Cam D (ag) wrote: Weird.. but at least not unbearable to watch.

Noha R (mx) wrote: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ?????? ? ? ?? ? ??? - ? ???? ???? ? ?? - ? ?? ?? ? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ? ? ?? ??? ???? ??? ???? ? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??

Dan M (jp) wrote: Part 3 to my 'end of the world' movie theme. Well, after having seen this it's official.. it's the WORST END OF THE WORLD MOVIE. EVER.(and I've seen Skyline) I knew from the title it was going to have some religious connotation, but this went full tilt on the preachy side, so much so it's sickening. I could have turned it off 20min or so into it but.. the first part of this would make Mr. Skin proud, wow. Once it goes into full holy roller mode, that's when it becomes blegh. I was entertained by it at first, then just downright annoyed. This deserves -4 stars if it was possible, but I'll give it one for the nude chicas shown during the beginning parts. Horrible, absolutely horrible. Oh and David Duchovny sports some major hockey hair here, also entertaining.

The S (us) wrote: for nostalgia sake,this film was very entertaining.

Benjamin S (ru) wrote: A Hollywood classic.

Alex K (es) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: The message is clear, intense and important while Denzel and Hanks deliver fantastic performances while dealing with a very important social issue.

John B (mx) wrote: This one was a long time coming from me. In the end, it measured up well. Brooks is one of the few directors who gets away with very cheesy humour. Wilder is fantastic as usual.