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  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2010
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Fatal... c'est Fatal Bazooka, un rappeur bling-bling et hardcore. En fait, un personnage de sketch créé par Michaël Youn dans son show-télé "Morning Live", puis développé dans l'album "T'as vu" vendu à plus de 500 000 exemplaires. Ce film raconte ce que serait devenu ce rappeur s'il en avait vendu... 15 millions ! Fatal est désormais une énorme star. Des millions de fans, des dizaines de tubes, 4 Music Awards de la Musique du meilleur artiste de l'année, une ligne de vêtements, un magazine et prochainement l'ouverture de son propre parc d'attraction : Fataland. Il est le N°1 incontesté... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Robert K (ru) wrote: i like Kevin Hart, and he's been pimpin' this on his twitter...

jay n (br) wrote: A surprisingly high grade cast for such a potboiler. Not terrible but an ordinary hostage drama with Juliet Stevenson standing out with an excellent performance.

Craig T (mx) wrote: An odd melange of melodrama, camp and pathos punctuated by Bette Davis's signature tack-spitting line readings. Brain cancer never looked so "prognosis positive."

Jon C (it) wrote: the first half of this movie takes its time to build some momentum but by the 2nd half it got betterPaul Hogan truly embodies Mick Dundee having grown up in the Australian outback and not having quite the same upbringing as us American folkhe wrestles crocs, drinks at a local pub, an gets along quite famously with people and animalswhen a journalist Sue comes to his homeland for a newsworthy article she decides to explore his surroundings as well as introduce him to hersonce they make the trip to NY it turns into an adorable fish-out-of-water story, yeah we've seen it countless times but its so heartwarming to watch Dundee try to get accustomed to our cultural normsthere's a lot of laughs and you really buy the undeniable chemistry between Hogan and Kozlowski, deep down they know what they truly want from this tiny experiment the films also ends with quite a smile-maker

Jason S (br) wrote: The other couples in the movie were funnier

Kimberly B (us) wrote: One of my favourite Disney fims

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