Fatal Deviation

Fatal Deviation

A young kenpo karate martial artist returns home after ten years in reform school on a quest to find out who murdered his father. He is befriended by an old monk and a local Irish beauty. His search takes him to the prestigious Bealtaine Martial Arts Tournament. Together with his past, the good guy is drawn into conflict with the local drug baron and his son, and the conflict makes the young man face his fathers death in a way he could never have imagined. The action is explosive, the fight scenes are dynamic and the story will tug at your heartstrings.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:shootout,   martial arts,  

A classic good versus evil action flick, mixed with kicks, guns, motorcycles and a hot babe! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al S (jp) wrote: The best martial-arts action picture since The Raid. It's a terrifically old-school fight movie that has a the perfect blend of revenge, martial arts and suspense. It's way better than the original film, it's not as rushed and does not have a comic book feel to it. Director, Isaac Florentine crafts an ultra-stylish and explosively thrilling action classic. One of the best action movies of this era hands down. The fight sequences are so authentic and well done, they pack real punch to them and show the film makers and cast have real love and respect for the arts. A heart-pounding and adrenaline-pumping action-packed thriller that you will love if your a fan of martial arts movies. An edge of your seat thrill-ride that explodes with suspense, dazzle and sheer spectacle. It's literally an action movie knockout. Scott Adkins gives a great and gritty performance, he proves once again why he is one of the true action kings. Adkins movements are just incredible, no one moves like him and pays great tribute to the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. It's epic action poetry in motion.

Ben R (au) wrote: This is the type of movie that Cinemax cranks out on a regular basis, but for some reason the presence of name actresses and an accomplished director are supposed to automatically give this one more credibility. Yeah, it didn't work for Showgirls either. At least with Showgirls you can laugh at how ridiculous everything is.

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When we don't let anything stop us from getting what we want when we are after bad guys, being a star, winning bets, and conducting business that we go beyond our limits. When somethings that used to stop us, we set aside, forget, ignore, or just walk into, when it's open. When somethings do stop us when we have each others backs watching out. When we can't stop ourselves from protecting, getting the bad guy, laughing, chesting or when the duty calls to smoke/drink/eat to know we are ready for anything. When we stop gor nobody when we know the ins and outs to go another way. When we can stop others from doing somethings for their safety. When what stops us we go anyways. When we need to go when duty calls.When we have to stop or risk getting killed when we are heading towards a head on collision. When we can't go and help ourselves to know that we can't stop those with immunity they use against us. When we wish to go to be allowed to go when what stops us is liability. When we see that we can stop those right on their tracks when they prevent us from our business going places. When we don't let the small things stop us from going after what we want. When some people stop us from going after somethings when they are big. When what stops us from going is when we are strapped & armed. When what stops one stops both of us when we have each others backs to go out with a bang together. When what stops us is what on coming and going our way that we don't see. When what doesn't stop us we go in in conspicuously and go the back door when no one is looking. When we do have lethal weapons of our own to stop intruders, but we go in anyways with the upper hand. When we can stop others in some other things, we don't take stop for an answer. When we do see eye to eye on somethings when we don't allow the small things stop us but the big things need to be stopped. When we need to put a stop to some people to get rid of them one by one when they try to stop us. When we need to stop and regroup when we sre going in deeper in shit with our enemies. When we rather stop and go deep with other things, but duty calls. When we put a stop to some people we go ahead and reveal what we kept, when they were the vary reason for us stopping in the first place. When we couldn't stop others from being hurt or killed that we go ahead and blame ourselves again. When we were asked to stop, but we continue to go when we seek revenge. When nothing is too big or too small that stops us that we bring down the house from those planning on going. When we know where we must go to put a stop to everything coming in and going. When the cost of what we do isn't enough when we could be stopped that we font understand why we go on when crime pays. When what we do is put a stop to our problem and many others whom want to go on living safely that we need to stop crime from paying. When it's not easy stopping crime at its tracks when we have to go on living with what we did after. If stopping crime were as easy as pushing a button. When we know there is no stopping us when we keep going.

Ralph R (fr) wrote: I would rather watch every episode of Oprah while smelling Oprah's sweaty armpit. I would rather vote for Obama or scrape the burnt off of toast. To put it simple, no, this movie will not be watched by me.

Ramond W (it) wrote: This may very well be the worst movie I've ever seen. If I knew that Selzerberg was behind this, I never would have even given it a chance.

Kurt F (au) wrote: 8/22/15 I found this man's life to be an interesting story. It doesn't bother me that it may feel like other "gangster" movies.... if something works, why not use it? Yes, it may over- do the "poor old man" sentiment toward the end, but I did feel a bit sorry for him. I thought it was a fine way to wrap up this man's life. He got caught up in a life of crime and couldn't find a way out.

Joel H (us) wrote: Low budget but Original and intense with great performances. I really enjoyed this film.

Luke C (ca) wrote: This is a very solid film. It has a great cast with Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis. It has a very compelling character, great (but violent) action, and some great and iconic lines. Die Hard is a classic action/Christmas movie. I REALLY recommend it..

john h (es) wrote: This one is one of the best in the series,it was initially rejected for being too subtle by the studio and they went ahead and made the awful EXORCIST:THE BEGINNING instead.This one,however is vastly superior,it's much more subtle and intelligent than BEGINNING.Pual Schrader's direction is excellent and he keeps a firm hand on proceedings never forgetting to maintain tension while injecting depth and intelligence into the story too.This is as much a drama as it is a horror film and while it itsn't as in your face as the original it still succeeds wonderfully as a different type of horror film.A highly underrated gem.

Chris R (mx) wrote: This is a great coming of age story about a young girl discovering and her sexuality and embracing women hood. Me not being a women, I think that this is the closest thing I'm ever going to get to knowing what that period of a woman's life feels like. The great direction of Marielle Heller made this film nothing short of remarkable. This is a movie that's going to be remembered for generations and teach girls all around the world to love themselves for years to come